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Frequently asked questions about steroids.

The answers to a series of questions related to steroids, which represent the greatest curiosity about them. You will definitely find the answer you are looking for!
 1) How many kilograms can someone gain in the course of their first steroid cycle?
Assuming that the dose administered is sufficient, a steroid user will have the highest mass gains with his or her first cycle. Although it will vary from person to person, there are not many cases when you can take 9 kg in weight. Part of it may be water, but muscle mass increases of 4-7 kg or more may occur.
2) Are steroid gains temporary?
Yes and no! Steroids can help you accomplish two essential things. The first is to reach your genetic potential much faster. If you continue to train efficiently, have a good diet and follow a proper PCT after the end of the cycle of anabolic steroids, you will keep your profits indefinitely, without having to do other steroid treatments. Many fail because of the lack of proper post-cycle therapy.
Later, steroids can help you overcome your genetic limitations in terms of muscle mass. But here one must be careful, extreme physical development cannot be sustained in the long term without the continuous use of steroids. The body will always return to its metabolic limits once the administration of anabolic substances ceases.
Steroids permanently alter the muscle structure by adding more cell nuclei. By increasing the number of nuclei, the muscle can more effectively control its expansion. Even after a long period of abstinence from training and steroids, the nuclei remain. It can be cataloged as a "memory of muscles", it is certain that it helps indefinitely.
3) Can steroids help me look like a professional bodybuilder?
If you have a genetic background then it is possible. But if you're like most people, then steroids won't be able to help you look that way. The genetics of each is the determining factor in reaching the limits of the body, even when using auxiliary substances. Many people use steroids, and they look massive and impressive, but few manage to get on stage.
4) How dangerous is an occasional steroid cycle?
Anabolic and androgenic steroids are among the safest drugs, at least in the short term. A fatal overdose is almost impossible, and negative health changes such as altering normal cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood thickening (among other things) are highly unlikely, especially to manifest in a way that will endanger life or health. long term user. The aforementioned are valid for occasional use, do not apply when steroid abuse or when used long term. If we compare, steroids are a little more dangerous (in terms of health and life) than marijuana, but much more harmless than most illegal narcotics and even cigarettes.

5) How dangerous is a long-term steroid cycle?
Long-term use of steroids for non-medicinal purposes can be very risky. However, it is difficult to quantify the exact risk. The main problem is that the abuse of anabolic and androgenic steroids can lead to heart disease; and they are the number one killer of humanity. Such diseases are cumulative, and can develop over long periods of time, even decades, without too many symptoms. Steroids can speed up this process, such as the accumulation of fat and other deposits in the arteries, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. But if death did occur, a coroner would have difficulty showing with certainty that anabolic steroids are to blame. Many factors are involved in heart disease, and it is difficult to blame only one. A survey said that people who use steroids are 4.6 times more likely to die earlier for various reasons (including suicide). But it is difficult to say exactly what the exact figures are. Importance is the limit between steroid abuse and their occasional use, in reasonable doses, with sufficiently large breaks between cycles. For those who use long-term steroids, it is important to keep their body values ​​under observation through periodic checks at the doctor.
6) Can steroids help improve an athlete's sports performance without risk?
The use of steroids for nonmedical purposes, by definition, cannot be classified as a safe practice. But it can be stated that their use even over the years, can be done without too many risks. If a steroid user follows the rules of safe use of steroids, he is careful what steroids he uses (because not all are the same), he is careful at the dose used and during a cycle, he pauses long enough, follows a poor diet in Saturated fats, sugar and simple carbohydrates, and training hard, both in the gym and cardiovascular, should be safe. And the use of cardiovascular support during the cycle is mandatory to prevent the risks. The best solution is a fish oil supplement, containing Omega-3. In order to use steroids in this way, it takes a lot of work and planning.
7) What are the safest steroids for men?
Testosterone, regardless of what form, tends to be the safest form of steroid for men. When doses remain moderate (200-400 mg per week), some cardiovascular changes are observed, but nothing extreme. These changes also relate to the beneficial effect of estrogen on the male cardiovascular system. Also considered as relatively safe are boldenone, nandrolone and methenolone. Limiting use only to these steroids is indicated, rather than using the full spectrum of oral and injectable steroids.
8) What steroids will not cause hair loss?
For those genetically predisposed to hair loss, any anabolic and androgenic steroid will speed up the process. In order to limit this acceleration, the androgenic activity in the scalp must be lowered, so it is best to use predominantly anabolic steroids such as nandrolone, oxandrolone and methenolone. If testosterone is to be used, finasteride, a drug that inhibits DHT activity in the scalp, may be co-administered. But for those with baldness problems steroids will always raise difficulties, so care must be taken at the dose, duration and permanently followed scalp to observe any hair changes.

9) What are the safest steroids for women?
Women are most often concerned about the virilization (masculinization) effects of steroids. The least virilizing are nandrolone, oxandrolone and methenolone. But all steroids are based on the male hormone, so the risk of virilization in women is always present.
10) Should I rotate the steroids used every few weeks to avoid oversaturation of the receptors?
No, it's not necessary. All anabolic steroids work by attaching them to the same receptors. So, you gain nothing by using a new drug that acts by attaching the same receptors as the previous one. The cycles usually last 6-8 weeks, because after this period there are stagnations. It is not known if it is due to receptor saturation or other causes.
11) What are the chances of finding original steroids on the black market? Does it matter if they are original or not?
Although it is difficult to make an accurate estimate, it is assumed that the original products circulating on the black market are half or even less. In some regions the percentage drops below 25%. Most are counterfeit copies or products obtained in underground laboratories. This is important because the quality of the products obtained in a non-pharmaceutical environment is questionable and cannot be verified. Generally, such products are not recommended, given the risks. Better spend more money and time to buy the original merchandise.