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GHRP-6 is part of the new wave of hormonal peptides used in sports to increase sports performance. These are powerful substances, but they do not have such dangerous side effects as synthetic growth hormone. GHRP-6 is a growth hormone secretagogue, a peptide that releases growth hormone.
GHRP-6 is part of a group of peptides through which the pituitary gland and hypothalamus release more growth hormone (growth hormone secretagogues). Its main medical role is to stimulate appetite by simulating hunger and energizing metabolism. It is used in the treatment of growth hormone dysfunctions but also in eating disorders.
Although we, peptides have become popular in the world of products that improve sports performance. GHRP-6 is currently produced by several companies worldwide, especially for research laboratories and not for human use.
The main side effect of this peptide is the very high appetite, due to the stimulation of the release of ghrelin, a peptide from the stomach that accentuates the feeling of hunger and speeds up the evacuation of the stomach.
GHRP-6 stimulates the anterior pituitary gland and consequently a greater release of growth hormone. As GHRP-6 acts directly in the feedback cycle that regulates the amount of growth hormone released, it can be successfully used in post-cycle therapy after a long injection of growth hormone (HGH) injected, to restore normal levels of natural growth. HGH of the body.
Another action of this preparation is that it acts on the nervous system, protecting the neurons but also by increasing the strength, in a similar way to anabolic steroids based on dihydrotestosterone.
The benefits of enhancing HGH secretion by using GHRP-6 include: increased strength, muscle mass, rejuvenation and strengthening of joints, connective tissues and bones. Increased HGH secretion also results in the release of more IGF-1 from the liver, which is thought to be the main anabolic means of growth hormone action.
It has also been found that when GHRP-6 and insulin are used concomitantly, the growth hormone response to GHRP-6 is higher. But it is not yet fully understood how GHRP-6 acts on humans, being a new product. To fully understand it, it takes several years of study.
From the reports of the athletes who used GHRP-6, it was concluded that the optimal doses are somewhere at 100-200 mcg, administered 2-3 times a day, possibly accompanied by a GHRH such as Geref or CJC-1295. Higher doses of this lead to the accumulation of a lot of adipose layer, indirectly, due to the very high increase of the sensation of hunger. It is given by subcutaneous injections, ideally 2-3 times a day; 30 minutes before the meal. It is kept in the refrigerator, but it is good to remove it and leave it at room temperature one hour before administration.
It can be combined with mild steroids, such as Anavar or Undestor, but also with stronger steroids such as enameled testosterone, when you want to accumulate a lot of mass. It is recommended to be used during the accumulation periods and not the definition periods; the effect on appetite makes any diet extremely difficult. I would not recommend it to people who get fat easily. The most suitable is for ectomorphs. It is also very useful for athletes recovering from injury.