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Hormonal Peptides

Hormonal Peptides
Hormonal peptides are the new generation of anabolic, safer and more efficient hormones, which are said to replace synthetic growth hormone in the future.
You are here because you have heard of hormonal peptides and you want to learn more about them. The two basic hormonal peptides are GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) and GHRP (growth hormone releasing peptide). These two materials are used to increase the quality of life, for anti-aging purposes, muscle hypertrophy, reduction of adipose tissue, repair of tissue after injury, higher bone density and better sleep.
1. GHRP can be used alone to increase the natural release rate of growth hormone from the brain (more specifically from the pituitary gland). GHRP co-administered with GHRH will significantly enhance the natural release of growth hormone.
2. There are several types of GHRH. The best and most sought after are the tetra-substitutes CJC-1295 with or without DAC, which is also known as modGRF (1-29). Wine packaged in vials containing the raw material in different quantities measured in milligrams; they are in the form of lyophilized powder (freeze dried).
3. There are several types of GHRP - GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Hexarelin and Ipamorelin. The differences between them consist in potency and side effects. GHRP-6 is very strong and creates a strong hunger sensation. GHRP-2 is also a powerful peptide (not the same as GHRP-6), and can affect sleep to some extent. Hexarelin is very powerful, but it can desensitize you to the action of peptides at high doses. Ipamorelin has the least side effects of GHRPs.
4. The peptides are dosed and administered with 1 ml syringes, using needles for diabetics (or specific insulin-dependent syringes). It is injected subcutaneously (immediately under the skin, not deep in the muscles), usually in the abdomen area.
5. The required dose (saturation dose) is usually 1 mcg (microgram) per kilogram weighed. The typical dose, to be easier to measure and use, is 100 mcg of CJC-1295 and / or 100 mcg of GHRP of choice. Lower doses will result in less growth hormone release, due to a lower GH pulse, but also a reduction in any side effects you may experience. Higher doses do not have more beneficial effects, and are a waste of money. But more frequent administration throughout the day will result in more pulses of growth hormone release.
6. Mixing the lyophilized powder with bacteriostatic water (reconstruction) to create the injectable peptide requires little practice. The idea is not to add too much dilution. The rule is to add 0.5 ml of bacteriostatic water to 1 mg of peptides. Therefore, a 2 mg vial should be reconstructed using 1 ml of bacteriostatic water. A 5 mg vial, uses 2.5 ml of bacteriostatic water, a 10 mg vial uses 5 ml and so on.
Bacteriostatic water drips along the inner walls of the ampoule with the peptide, in a fluent and controlled manner, without stirring the mixture too strongly. It will dissolve by itself and become a clear substance. You can easily run the vial between your fingers or palms, but do not shake it to mix. The peptide can be used after everything is completely dissolved.
7. On a 1 ml syringe, there are either 50 thick lines, from 0 to 100, skipping over odd numbers, or 100 international units (U.I. or I.U.). A dose of 100 mcg is either between the second and third thick lines, or 5 U.I. (if you have followed the reconstruction instructions above). GHRP and GHRH can be drawn into the same syringe to be injected at the same time, but must not be mixed into the same vial or syringe to be stored.
8. Reconstructed peptides should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent degradation. At room temperature the peptides will degrade in a few days; in the refrigerator will last for months. You can pre-fill syringes and keep them in the fridge, but it is more of a headache than it is practical.
9. Doses can be administered throughout the day, but not less than 3 hours between injections. A single dose per day is typical for repairs with mild injuries, anti-aging effects, better sleep and better quality of life. The most beneficial would be to administer it before going to bed. When you sleep, the pituitary gland is more active. 2-3 doses per day will add in addition to the above the build of weak muscle tissue and fat burning, if the diet is made of quality foods.
10. Peptides should be administered on an empty stomach to maximize their strength. That means somewhere 3 hours after the last meal.
11. Do not consume food 15-30 minutes after administration. It is best to avoid eating food for 20-25 minutes. The growth hormone pulse reaches the peak 10 minutes after the injection of the peptide