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How can women build lean muscle mass?

How can women build lean muscle mass?
More and more women understand how important muscle mass is and how much it helps them. Here are some tips on how to strengthen your muscles!
A woman with developed muscle mass (and I do not mean one who looks like a bodybuilder, but a toned woman) is healthier, functional and is free of injuries and illnesses. As a woman, to develop your muscle mass you have to put in some serious effort through a smart and well-structured training regimen. Considering how much misinformation you find on this topic, it is important to know what really works and what doesn't. Read on!
Workouts for lean muscle mass:
Many women focus their workouts only on weight loss. It may sound like a good idea, but doing this is always inefficient. Research shows that those who train for the sole purpose of losing weight, fail, because they get to compensate by eating more calories. People tend to reward themselves for their physical activity to lose weight. Those who train to build muscle mass do not reward themselves by eating more calories! Strength exercises for muscle mass can influence the metabolism, increasing it after their conclusion. This stimulates hormones burns fat and reduces hunger.

Avoid reducing calories
Eating too little will not help you build muscle mass. If you eat too many calories, your metabolism is reduced and you burn fewer calories daily. You should never lower the number of calories eaten below your basal metabolic rate, especially if you train! The exact number of calories you need depends on the type of workouts, diet, genetics and body composition (among others).
Don't stay away from diet fats
Low fat diets are problematic for women because avoiding fat in the diet increases the tendency to eat more carbohydrates. This leads to fluctuations in blood sugar, which reduces fat burning and increases insulin levels. Eating too little fat can lead to and hormonal imbalances, the body using cholesterol to manufacture sex hormones.
Sources of fat provide essential nutrients to the body and can be easily absorbed. You should have healthy fats in your diet, such as omega-3s and monounsaturated fats.
Eat more vegetables and fruits
Packed foods, low in fat, cereals and bread contain carbohydrates that will increase your blood sugar and insulin levels. Sugar will be stored as fat as you eat more and more of these foods. The body becomes more insulin resistant and fat stores increase. Complex, healthy carbohydrates gradually raise blood sugar and provide nutrients to the body, nutrients that can increase insulin sensitivity. Food fibers slow down digestion and keep you satiated for longer. Be careful about the size of the portions.

Table frequency
When you want lean muscle mass, it may be beneficial to eat at regular intervals. It is better to eat all the calories from a day in a 10-12 hour window, than to eat hungry anytime in 24 hours. Limiting yourself to a smaller feeding window can improve metabolic health. This forces the body to burn more fat. Whatever you eat in the 12-hour window should include healthy fats, vegetables and high-quality protein

Increase your metabolic flexibility
Metabolic flexibility means that your body can also burn carbohydrates and fats as an energy source. It is beneficial for reducing fat and maintaining energy levels. When the body is not metabolically flexible it will be difficult to burn fat because it will be used to burn mostly carbohydrates. So you will feel the need to consume carbohydrates within a few hours. If you do not do this, your blood sugar drops and you feel tired and fatigued. But constantly pumping carbohydrates into your body will reduce your insulin sensitivity, making your muscle growth and fat burning difficult.
To be metabolically flexible you start by reducing your carbohydrate intake in the diet in favor of calories from fat and protein. You can also increase the intensity of physical exercises.
Increase your estrogen metabolism
Estrogen can help women look better, but only when in balance with other hormones in the body. Too much estrogen leads to fattening, so watch out for external estrogen sources like chemical estrogen from plastics. Poor estrogen metabolism can lead to too high levels of this hormone in the body. Poor estrogen metabolism can be a consequence of lack of muscle mass, lack of proper exercise or poor diet. Reduce exposure to chemicals by removing plastics. Work out with weights and do some cardio. Eat more antioxidant fruits and vegetables but also more protein.
Use multi-joint exercises
Women are often attracted to the room for minor, isolation exercises that target certain areas of the body. Such exercises do NOT increase metabolism and do not burn many calories after the end of the exercise, as opposed to large, multi-joint exercises. Traction, straightening and knee flexion: all will make you more agile and stronger. They will also strengthen the median area! Includes training and extensions for the back, frames and presses to vary. Build your workouts around these exercises.
Do intermittent exercises
Intermittent exercises, such as modified strongman or sprints, are ideal for a woman who wants muscle mass and definition at the same time! These exercises burn calories when you do them but also after you finish the physical exercise (between 24 and 48 hours after). Intermittent exercises increase protein synthesis and maintain active metabolism. It also releases anabolic and lipolytic hormones, which burn fat and build muscle mass. If you are overweight, these exercises are ideal for slimming very fast