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Steroids and women

Even if it looks like a failed combination, professional and amateur athletes have been using steroids for decades. Here is more information on the subject.
Steroids and women may seem like a weird word association; when you say anabolic steroids you think of massive and strong men. It's true, there are many more men taking steroids than women, and you can often notice women using steroids, but the number of women using them is higher than you think.
Anabolic steroids can be very harmful to a woman, especially for one reason: they can destroy her femininity. There are also situations where steroids and women can understand each other, but great care is needed. Women have a very narrow range of steroids that they can use, and the doses should be very small. Here we will analyze the relationship between steroids and women, the risks and benefits, and the safest methods, when you are 100% determined.
When you say steroids and women, there is a universal fear: turning into a man! As you know, anabolic androgenic steroids are derived from the main male sex hormone, testosterone. No woman will turn into a man if she uses steroids, but these can greatly accentuate her masculine traits. Steroids cause virilization, due to the massive growth of androgens in the body. Androgens are hormones produced by both men and women, the main ones being testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Men need ten times more androgens than women. In a woman, when androgen levels rise above needs, male traits begin to manifest. The most common effects of virilization are:
    Hair growth on the body.
    Enlargement of the clitoris.
    Thickening of the voice.
    Emphasizing the features of the face.
No woman would want that, but there are many women who supplement with steroids and avoid virilization. That's because they know what they are doing, and they are not abusing them. You need to know what to take, when to take, how to take, and observe early on the effects of virilization to stop it.
Avoiding virilization
The first step is to choose anabolic steroids that have minimal virilization effects. Some steroids are more virilizing than others; logically, these should be avoided by women. We must be clear: all anabolic and androgenic steroids have a certain degree of virilization risk. Just differ the degree! Women who choose steroids with low virilization properties have a high chance of sharing nothing, but there is still a risk. We are unique individuals, and some women will not tolerate a particular steroid, while others will have no problem.
Therefore, the simplest way to avoid virilization is to choose only low-risk steroids for virilization. Secondly, if the slightest signs of virilzaria appear, the steroid administration will be stopped immediately and completely. After the administration is discontinued and the symptoms will disappear. If the symptoms are ignored and allowed to settle, then the problems appear, and most of the time, they are irreversible. Again, if symptoms of virilization appear, you should stop taking any type of steroid! Then analyze the causes: what you used, maybe you used too high doses, etc. Therefore, care and caution are of utmost importance!
Steroids and women - not just for bodybuilders
When you think of women taking steroids, you think of bodybuilders. And it seems to you that they are the only ones using anabolic steroids, right? Wrong! Where there is performance sports there is also the use of steroids, regardless of sex. Even fitness models can use anabolic steroids. I'm not saying that everyone does, but there are plenty who do. Even models for magazines, those that advertise on protein and weight loss pills, use steroids and other doping substances.
When it comes to sports where physical performance matters most, the use of steroids is well known and documented. For example, Turanabol is a steroid that has been widely used in women in the former RDG. The doses had become so high that the virilization effects were extreme. It is an example of how women should NOT use steroids. That being said, anyone with common sense and knowledge in the field knows that there is no performance without doping substances, regardless of the category: male or female.
There are even rumors that big-screen female stars would sometimes use mild cycles of steroids and other hormonal substances. And there is another category, that of sports amateurs, who take steroids to look better. This category may be restricted in the EU, but in the States there is a much wider current. The percentages remain unchanged, men use much higher anabolic and androgenic steroids, but you would be amazed at how many women use such sub
 The best steroids for women
As I said there are many steroids that should be avoided by women. So the question remains: what steroids could a woman use, in relative safety? Without doubt, the first anabolic steroid to consider is oxandrolone (Anavar). He is most friendly with women (perhaps because it was designed for women and children). Men can also use it successfully, but in performance sports circles it is called "women's steroid". Anavar has the lowest virilization rate possible, and helps to develop important body parts for women. Most women tolerate 10 mg / day very well, and some can increase the dose to 20 mg / day.
Most do not need more than 10 mg / day, but if you want to increase the dose, do it gradually, with 5 mg at a time. From 10 mg, first try 1-2 weeks at 15 mg before moving to 20. The higher the dose, the greater the risk of virilization. The duration of the cycles is 4-8 weeks, 6 being the most used length.
Apart from Anavar, there are other choices for women. In second place is Primobolan Depot. Primobolan can also be used orally, but since it is not C-17 alkylated, most of it will be destroyed by the liver. Most women tolerate 100 mg / week of Primobolan Depot well, but with a cycle duration of 4 weeks, 6 weeks being the maximum for those who tolerate the steroid extremely well!
Then there is Stanozolol, known mainly as Winstrol. Here the risks increase more, being 50-50 chances of virilization. Half of the women who use it tolerate it, while half do not. When compared to Anavar, the tolerance rate is extremely low. For those who tolerate it, the dose is 10 mg / once every two days. Women prefer Winstrol orally, especially since the active substance is the same in both preparations.
These three are the most steroid friendly women. There are women who use other types of steroids, but the risks increase a lot and it becomes a matter of personal tolerance and goals. Equipoise at very low doses is still used by women, and some are reluctant to use very low doses of testosterone, especially those who suffer from testosterone deficiency. If I were a woman, I would not touch such steroids!
More than steroids
Steroids and women may cohabit, but in the world of sports there are other substances successfully used by sportsmen. Below is a list of six other substances widely used by women, more so than steroids. Especially in the case of fat burning substances, they are very often used by women, whether they are performance sports or amateurs.
Arimidex: a flavoring inhibitor for keeping estrogen under control - should be used rarely by women, and only in cases of force majeure.
Clenbuterol: a beta-2 agonist useful for fat burning - it is often used by women, the doses being lower than in men.
Cytomel: a thyroid gland hormone known as T3 - it is very strong, it is used especially during defining diets for up to 6 weeks; can be combined with Clenbuterol.
Ephedrine: one of the most popular weight loss substances, widely used in sports in all disciplines.
Human growth hormone: an extremely powerful peptide hormone - very anabolic, will increase metabolism and increase recovery after exertion; doses for women should be limited to 1 U.I./z.
Nolvadex: an estrogen that is controlled by estrogen - it is used to give a drier appearance when the fat percentage is low.
For women, it is best to take a single steroid, not to combine more. Steroids can be combined with other substances, such as some of the above, to enhance the results, depending on the purpose. Here's an example of a steroid cycle for women.
The relationship between steroids and women is a complex one, and should be treated with caution. I don't encourage any woman to use steroids, on the contrary! But, knowing the world of sport and how some personal ambitions can overcome fear of anything (and even the instinct of conservation), I provide this information so that those who are determined can make a wise and safe decision. I would like to remind you that there is no such thing as using anabolic and androgenic steroids without any risk, especially virilization in women! Here is another example of Anavar cycle, which can be used by women, which is safer than the example given a little above.
Anabolic and androgenic steroids are powerful substances that have their say in sports, but should not be used by anyone and anyway, be it any woman or man!