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What are the best steroids?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked on Chat or Email. The point is, you can't say which steroids are best, because each steroid is good for a certain thing. They are ideal steroids for definition, they are steroids for bulk mass growth and they are steroids used to increase quality muscle mass. Everything is variable, depending on the purpose pursued.
In other words, there is no "best steroid". Everyone is good in their own way. And if we get to combine 2-3 steroids in one cycle, then the effects will be better and faster.
As each steroid is good for a certain thing, then the questions must be put together. So in the following I will list a series of steroids and anabolic combinations that are used successfully in a variety of cycles.
1. What steroids are good for defining, stretching, weakening?
    Stanozolol - Winstrol - Pills or Injectable
    Trenbolon Acetate, Trenbolon Mix
    Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate / Drostanolone Acetate)
    Testosterone Propionate
These steroids are good if they are given separately over a cycle, but especially if 2.3 of them are combined. Now do not think that if you have 100 kg and excess fat and take a cycle with Winstrol or Oxandrolon you will lose weight immediately. Not! The stripping / definition process is done after you have gone through a mass cycle. That is, first, they take steroids to increase muscle mass (both with and without water retention) and then proceed to a cycle in which fat burning and muscle relief are desired.
The ideal combinations of steroids for definition would be the following:
    Winstrol Injectable + Testosterone Propionate. It is one of the most used combinations when defining it. Winstrol tablets can be used very well instead of injectable. These two steroids have a short lifespan, which means that the injections must be made daily, maximum every 2 days.
    Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone Propionate + Oxandrolone. This is a cycle that will help you reach that bodybuilder shape you see on TV. Through this combination you can reach those representative veins :)
    Clenbuterol + Citomed + Testosterone Propionate. This combination will make you lose weight very quickly. It is a combination indicated especially for those who want to lose enough weight.
Many believe that if I use 2 boxes of Winstrol pills (Stanozolol / Strombafort) they will lose weight. This is totally wrong. Especially if you are a beginner. In order for Winstrole Pills or even Oxandrolone to help you lose weight, you must already have an enviable physique and in particular a body fat percentage of no more than 15-18%. Winstrol Pills Plus has the role of strengthening muscle mass in other cases.

2. What are the best steroids for bulk meal?
    Testosterone Enantat
Bulk means quick gain of muscle mass. Possible thing using steroids with high water retention. Steroids that help us swell 6-15 kg in 1-2 months. The disadvantage of these steroids is that once the cycle is over and we do not do proper post-cycle therapy, we do not maintain a diet with a very high caloric ratio and we do not maintain the same rhythm of the exercises ... we will end up losing about 50% of the gains. .
Ideal combinations of steroids for Bulk meal:
    Anapolone + Enanthate Tetosterone. This is a cycle that will help us gain even more than 15 kg in 10 weeks. 10 weeks we take 2 ampoules of Testosterone Enantat, of which the first 6 take one pill of Anapolon daily. Anapolone is a fairly toxic steroid, so don't overdo it with doses. Not recommended for beginners.
    Testosterone Enantat + Nandrolone Decanoat + Danabol - This is one of the most common cycles for beginners. If an optimal dose is maintained, it is a pretty good cycle. It is recommended to take one vial of TEsto Ena, 1 vial of Deca per week and 2-3 pills of Danabol per day. Danabol is taken for 6 weeks and injectable for 10 weeks.
    Testosterone Enantat + Boldenone + Danabol. Some prefer Boldenone instead of Nandrolone because Boldenon is a more filtered, better quality steroid.
These are just a few combinations of steroids that help us gain muscle mass quickly, but combinations are many. In order to benefit from the long-term effect of steroids, post-cycle therapy is required after steroid administration is completed. This ensures a good preservation of the results and a good return of the body to its own testosterone production.
3. What are the best steroids for quality meal?
    Sustanon / Testosterone Mix
    Aquatest - Testosterone Suspension
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionat - NPP
These products can be taken separately and will have quite good effect, but it is ideal to combine 2-3 products between them. Although in the list there are both products that were in the list for definition, as well as in the list for bulk, well, depending on the diet and the combination of steroids .. the result can lead to muscle mass of very good quality.
The best combinations of steroids for quality meal:
    Sustanon + Turanabol. It is an ideal cycle for any beginner. Sustanon is actually a testosterone mix that will give us strength and growth, and Turanabol will accentuate these things.
    Trenbolon Enantat + Sustanon + Oxandrolon / Turanabol - a cycle used by many professional bodybuilders with excellent results.
    NPP + Masteron + Winstrol Pills. Another very good cycle for quality food.
After the quality meal cycles do not increase much, but you will benefit from fat-free muscle mass, which will be preserved over time.
You must know that diet also has a great impact on the appearance of the body and on the impact of steroids. Because if you eat only 2 biscuits a day, take Anapolon for nothing, because there will be no growth. And conversely, if you eat only shaorms and unhealthy products, it is quite difficult to reach the definition and the veins on TV.
This article is intended to educate the public. We do not encourage the use of steroids, but since you are here it is clear that you are already using steroids, and we only advise you how to use them so that you do not suffer, but only benefits.