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Humalog 100iu

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Insulin is the strongest anabolic agent in the world. Properly used can bring extraordinary muscle mass gains, as no other available substance can. UNUSED USE CAN HELP YOU. It is certainly not a substance to play with, and it certainly does not deserve to be exposed to such risks if you are not a professional bodybuilder.

Insulin is the strongest anabolic agent in the world. Properly used can bring extraordinary muscle mass gains, as no other available substance can. THE UNUSED USER CAN HELP YOU.
The last part must be emphasized before proceeding. It's not just a pun. Insulin can kill very easily. If taken too much at once the body goes into a coma and dies. It is a substance that must be used with great care. Prior to this, more detailed information is required from several sources. If you are not ready to search and get the best information, you are not ready to use insulin.
Having said that, we can continue. Insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas, which acts on the liver to stimulate glycogen production in glucose and to stop the conversion of non-carbohydrates into glucose. Insulin also helps in the faster spread of glucose to cells with insulin receptors, which also stimulates muscle tissue. We can clearly say that insulin is anabolic, making ingested proteins much more efficient by promoting the transport of amino acids to muscle cells. It also has anabolic effect on the bones, increasing their density. Another mechanism by which insulin is anabolic is increased levels of IGF, a powerful anabolic hormone.
Another unexpected aspect of insulin is its ability to increase the levels of Luteinizing Hormone and FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone or follicle-stimulating hormone - increases the production of androgen in Sertoli cells in the testis), both hormones stimulating testosterone secretion. Insulin helps bind anabolic steroids to androgen receptors, suggesting a synergistic effect of insulin when combined with anabolic steroids. Between insulin, IGF and growth hormone there is a close connection, each one's actions being related to the others. Using the three steroids and a fat burner is definitely the most powerful cycle of muscle mass accumulation and definition.
But, as always, there is bad news. Insulin can very easily promote fat accumulation. Most bodybuilders who use insulin combine it with a fat burner (usually thyroid gland medicines, such as Cytomel), plus steroids and IGF, as mentioned above. All of these lead to decreased chances of fat accumulation.
Endogenous insulin (the one that is naturally found in the body) acts on the principle of feedback. If glucose levels increase, when we eat something sweet, insulin secretion increases. When glucose is low, insulin is low. The simple addition of liquid glucose into a portion of liquid amino acids increases their absorption by 50%. If this is achieved by the natural response to glucose, imagine what rate of absorption you will have by injecting your insulin.
Exogenous insulin (the one found in ampoules) is used in diabetics, so misuse of insulin can turn you into diabetics.
There are studies and specialized articles that show that insulin has been successfully used to prevent catabolism. There was a 32% improvement in the treatment of children suffering from extreme catabolism. Also, with the help of insulin, it was possible to prevent the loss of protein in victims with severe burns. It is important to know that enough amino acids must be present in the body for insulin to have anabolic effect. If the protein concentrations are normal or high then insulin will store them in muscle tissue, which will lead to muscle mass gain. This effect of insulin to store proteins in muscle is due to the fact that it stimulates protein synthesis and prevents catabolism. What needs to be understood here is that although insulin is administered, the key to success lies in diet. You need to have enough protein to build muscle mass, no matter how much insulin you use.
Insulin can use far more protein than your body can, and therefore if you decide to use insulin, you should take at least 2.2g per kg body weight or even 3-4g / kg body weight (e.g. if you have 100 kg then you will use 300-400 grams).
It should be borne in mind that insulin can promote fat accumulation. This is why it is best to use it during steroid cycles, favoring the use of proteins and nutrients to build muscle. If you've been careful before, you know that it helps a lot with the growth hormone and IGF with insulin. A burner like the Cytomel is welcome.
There are several types of insulin on the market that you can choose from:
    Humalog - is the most effective insulin available on the market
    Humulin-R - has a short-term effect
    Humulin-N - has a long lasting medium effect
    Humulin-L (medium zinc suspension) - another type of insulin with medium effect
    Humulin-U (prolonged zinc suspension) - long-lasting insulin.
There are also different mixtures between insulin with different durations.
Humalog is the best choice, but unfortunately it is very difficult to obtain. It is issued only on prescription and buying from the black market is a bad idea because we cannot know how it was stored.
The next choice is Humilin-R. It is easier to use compared to other similar products that are on the market, Humilin-R being easy to monitor.
One way to administer insulin is a little at each meal. Cate 1-2 U.I. 5-6 times a day (insulin is not measured in mg as steroids but in international units). This way you will benefit from the effects of insulin at every meal and avoid the risk of taking an overdose and getting into shock. There have been reported cases where some bodybuilders also used 20-40 U.I. per day, but it is not recommended unless you are very very experienced and the diet followed is well planned and structured. It is good to include in the diet a little essential fat (omega-3), a decent amount of low carbohydrates (with different glycemic indexes) and at least 40 g of protein at each meal. You can also add 1 U.I. daily until you reach a comfortable level for you.
Another way to administer insulin is to take 1 U.I. immediately after training and gradually increasing the dose to 1 U.I./10 kg body (if you have 100 kg see take 10 U.I. insulin). In addition to insulin, a shake containing 100-200 g of mixed carbohydrates and 40-50 g of protein will be drunk. Remember to add a few essential fatty acids.
A third way is to combine the first two. Will take 1-2 U.I. with each meal and up to 1 U.I./10 kg body after training. This would ensure 100% efficiency for every mouthful but is also the most dangerous method. The blood sugar level should be monitored permanently and it is advisable to always have something sweet in you in case it drops too much. It is also not advisable to take insulin before bedtime because you will not know if your blood glucose index will drop and this will induce fatigue as there is a danger of falling into a coma during sleep.
Whichever method you choose keep in mind that there is always a certain risk. Also be careful to keep insulin in the refrigerator, because insulin degrades very quickly in a non-refrigerated environment.
Take special care with the syringes with which you administer insulin. There are special syringes and needles for insulin, so you can dose it properly. Those with whom you inject steroids are too large, and normal serine cannot properly measure insulin.

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