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How long is the delivery time?

SUA-7-21 days

EU-7-14 days

How much are the shipping cost?

We have a shipping cost about 25$ or 40$ (for 2 or more packages). If you intend to order more than 600$, we will offer you free shipping promotions.

When do l get a tracking number? How can l track my package?

We provide a tracking number with each shipment. All packages have an individual tracking number.

Please do not ask us for for a tracking number, before the given timing to provide the tracking number is exceeded.

After we receive the tracking number we will immediately send it to you. Please have patience to wait some days for the tracking number,

You can track your tracking number here: or here:

Your tracking number might be active several days later, that is normal. Your package will be delivered within the given time frame.

How do l edit my order after it has been placed?

You have the option to make changes in the order in case you haven't submitted payment yet. To be able to edit the order, please log into your account, choose order ID, then click on "Edit Order". If you have already paid for your order, however it hasn't been yet shipped out, please create a ticket and ask customer support to make the needed changes. In order to provide you with qualitative assistance, please always specify the issue and the order ID when referring to the customer service support.