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16 tabs x 100 mg


Aldacton is a mild, widely used diuretic worldwide. it is used by bodybuilders to remove water from under the skin before competitions, for impeccable muscle definition.

Active substance: spironolacton
Trade names: Aldacton
It is a mild diuretic, widely used throughout the world. Medical, it is used for the treatment of hypertension, effectively reducing water and salt retention. Aldacton works by reducing the secretion of aldosterone, the main hormone responsible for regulating water in the body. This effect is beneficial to bodybuilders who want to remove the subcutaneous fluid before a competition. It is a compound that does not remove much potassium from the body, being less aggressive than Dyazide or Lasix. So it is not necessary to administer a potassium supplement during the use of these diuretics.
The use of Aldactone and diuretics in general to improve the appearance and performance of sports is considered a very risky practice. These can lead to dehydration that can endanger the user's life. Many deaths have been attributed to the misuse of such drugs.
Possible side effects on the user are: dehydration, cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, anxiety, restlessness, weakness, limb numbness and irregular heart rhythm. These types of side effects are not that intense when it comes to Aldacton, but we must be careful when using it. Besides, it exerts considerable anti-androgenic properties. But because Aldacton is used for very short periods of time, this fact is not relevant.
The effective dose appears to be 100 mg daily, administered all at once in the morning. It is continued 3-5 days, especially before the competitions. Abuse of diuretics can lead to severe dehydration, and to the flat appearance of muscles. Although this effect is less common in diuretics that do not eliminate much potassium, such as Aldacon, it should not be treated lightly. But some say that Aldacton is not strong enough and prefers to use Lasix or hydrodiuril, which are much stronger but also with higher risks.
Because it is one of the safest diuretics, it is a good starting point for beginners.

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