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Anadrol-ANAPOLON Description, Effects, Benefits And Adverse Reac
One of the strongest synthetic steroids produced by the sports drug industry today is Anadrol. The active substance of the drug is oximetolone, which was used in the 1960s as a therapeutic agent. It has been prescribed for anemia, osteoporosis and to stimulate muscle growth in lean patients.
Anadrol has anabolic activity of 320% testosterone and an androgenic activity of only 45%. The steroid has an estrogenic effect. He is considered the strongest of the oral steroids. This has led to the fact that the drug has not only a positive effect, but also toxic to the liver.
Effects of Anadrol Steroid:
This steroid has the following effects:
    The power of the athlete increases.
    Stimulates muscle growth. The steroid is considered the most effective of the existing ones
    Relieves painful sensations and restores joint mobility. It increases the production of synovial fluid and causes water retention in the body.
    Reduces globulin.
Oxymetholone is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone. This substance activates the activity of androgen receptors, which causes a small estrogenic activity to occur. This steroid also has progesterone activity.
Anadrol administration scheme:
The steroid course is intended for men over the age of 18 who want to increase their muscle mass as soon as possible. The duration of use for beginner athletes does not exceed one month, and for the experienced ones it should not exceed six weeks. Taking Anadrol for more than a month and a half makes no sense. The maximum effect of the steroid is achieved within the first 20 days. In addition, longer administration has a negative effect on the liver.
The optimum daily dose is up to 100 milligrams. It is not recommended to increase the dose. This will not have any positive effect on the final result. From the beginning to the end, you must use a stable dose.
Not only are the Anadrol steroid administration rules important, but also the knowledge of how to perform a correct course therapy (PCT) after treatment is discontinued. To restore the production of testosterone itself, other hormone-stimulating drugs are administered.
To increase the action of Anadrol during administration, a sports diet for weight gain should be followed. Along with the solo course, the steroid is taken in combination with drugs such as Primobolan, Testosterone, Boldenon, Trenbolone.
Possible side effects:
Side effects of Anadrol occur frequently, but only in cases where the recommended dose has been exceeded. The main side effect of steroid is liver toxicity. Blood pressure may increase, gynecomastia develops, too much fluid accumulates. Athletes have an upset stomach, a marked deterioration in appetite, and nausea.