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Can't do pull ups?
Can't do pull ups?! Well, you aren't the only one, pull ups it's the most efficient upper body workout but it's one of the most difficult exercise too.
I'll leave here some advices how you can get started learning doing pull ups ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Start with hanging and chin pulls. Before jumping into full on pull ups, work on what are called hanging and chin pulls. Start with three to five 20 to 30 second reps of simply holding the pull up bar as your body hangs down. After doing this, stand on a chair with your chin above the pull up bar. Then, bend your knees so you are holding your body above the bar. Do three to five reps of this exercise, holding the pose for five to 10 seconds for each rep.
Do negative pull ups. Negative pull ups help you learn the body lowering aspects of pull up exercises. To do negative pull ups, repeat the chair exercise where you lower your body. Then, lift yourself up just slightly. Lift your body as far as you can without your movements becoming jerky. Do four to six repetitions of this movement.

You can move on once negative pull ups become comfortable for you.

Start doing pull ups. After gradually building your skills, you should be able to start doing pull ups. Get into the hanging position and grab the pull up bar. Keep your palms facing away from you and pull your body upward. Keep pulling until your chin is close to the bar, pause for a second, and then lower your body.