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Clomid to increase testosterone?

This inexpensive drug can significantly increase testosterone levels and improve testosterone / estrogen balance without side effects.
In the medical world, sometimes clomiphene citrate (Clomid) is prescribed in testosterone replacement therapy. It is a fertility medicine for women, and is also used to stop the growth of breast cancer cells.
Clomid has long been used in bodybuilding as an anti-estrogen and as part of post-cycle therapy to restore its own testosterone secretion. But it is not often used in testosterone replacement therapy. It is an isolated medical practice.
But, it seems that there are some studies that support this practice. It seems that Clomid may be a cheaper alternative to testosterone replacement therapy, and possibly as effective, with fewer side effects.
How well does it work?
In a study of 36 men suffering from hypogonadism (between the ages of 27 and 60), 25 mg / day of Clomid was administered for 4-6 weeks. This led to a 146% increase in testosterone. And the overall balance of testosterone with estrogen improved by 61%.
The researchers concluded: "Clomifen citrate is effective in increasing serum testosterone levels and improving testosterone / estrogen balance in men with hypogonadism." "This therapy is an alternative to testosterone by stimulating endogenous androgen production pathways."
At least 5 other studies have found similar results.

What it is
Clomid is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. It is effective in stopping breast cancer because tuna when held by estrogen receptors, does not make it very accurate. Because the action on them is ambiguous, a reaction is not initiated, a reaction that in the case of breast cancer would have meant the growth of the tumor. But, binding to receptors is strong enough that it does not allow estrogen in the circulation to bind to receptors and initiate the same tumor growth.
In men, the binding of estrogen receptors is weak. So it does not trigger "estrogenic" reactions, such as fat storage or feminization in general. But, as in women, binding is strong enough that it does not allow the actual estrogen to bind to receptors.
What Clomid says to the body by binding to receptors is to maintain high testosterone production. When the body detects too much estrogen in the body it stops the production of testosterone (estrogen from aromatization of testosterone).
Therefore, when taking Clomid, testosterone increases gradually and estrogen remains the same or decreases, which improves testosterone / estrogen balance. This means greater muscle growth, less fat, more energy and healthier sperm!

Is it a viable option?
The classic testosterone replacement therapy is effective, but it has some disadvantages. First, it is not done orally but only through intramuscular injections, gels or patches. Then, it is easy and tempting to use too much testosterone, which will lead to other side effects (more hematocytes, hair loss, prostate growth, etc.); and not to mention increasing estrogen / testosterone balance.
These side effects are not possible with Clomid. A study on this topic asked participants to take Clomid for 40 months and no side effects were observed.
A possible shortcoming
The drawback of Clomid is that it works only in those who have a healthy hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle axis. In other words, if your hypothalamus or testicles don't work properly, your only solution is classic testosterone replacement therapy.
Clomid seems effective for men who want to get their testosterone levels back to normal. The challenge is to find a specialist doctor open enough to prescribe it!