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Did you gain weight since going vegan?
Did you gain weight since going vegan? Gaining weight is easy when going vegan if you eat the wrong foods, don’t get enough protein in, focusing too much on meat and dairy alternatives and going for fizzy drinks instead of water Excessive processed and refined carbs is an easy way to gain weight since the more processed a food is the higher in calories and lower in nutrition it usually is. This makes it easy to overeat while not feeling full due to the lack of nutrients in the food Protein is associated with an increased feeling of satiety, helping curb appetite while aiding in building and maintaining muscle. Focusing solely on carbs and fats can lead to overeating, simply because a big bowl of pasta without a source of protein isn’t as feeling as a bowl of pasta, veggies and tempeh for example Convenience food is everywhere, from ready meals like pizzas, sandwiches, high sodium and high-fat meals are easier to grab rather than spending 30 minutes making a wholesome homemade meal Usually, convenience foods are much higher in calories and lower in nutrition than a homemade one, to ensure you’re not opting for more convenient meals cook in bulk so you can have all your lunches and dinners ready for the week Meat and dairy alternatives are great for meat-eaters doing the transition to vegan or for vegans looking for something “junky” to enjoy but these foods should be consumed in moderation as they’re very high in calories and highly processed Measuring and keeping an eye on portion sizes is another way to control calories. Make sure you’re getting in 3 solid meals and 1 or 2 snacks throughout the day, you can use many free calorie-tracking apps to track this ???? Liquid calories aka fizzy drinks, alcoholic beverages and others can easily pile on the calories. Limit these to 1 a day or even zero and make sure to get your calories in from solid food as much as possible for optimal nutrition