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Did you know that? TESTOSTERONE.
If you haven't seen my latest test vid (link in bio) then you likely missed this study but it was quite interesting and shows just how much of a difference steroids/testosterone make when seeking to gain muscle. Since then, I managed to stumble across this great study by Bhasin et al (1996) who split 43males into 4 groups 1) Placebo + no exercise 2) Test + no exercise 3) Placebo + exercise & 4) Test + exercise for a 10wk study. The 2exercise groups performed 3workouts/wk with men in the 2test groups receiving an additional injection of 600mg of test enanthate vs placebo receiving nothing. Note: Diet & training were fully standardized for all groups to make test the only varying component between groups. Results after 10wks?

•Placebo no exercise gained 0kg
•Placebo plus exercise gained 1.9kgFFM
•Test no exercise gained 3.2kgFFM
•Test plus exercise gained 6.1kgFFM

Discussion: Yes the placebo AND exercise group did gain 1.9kg thus supporting the fact that, as a natty you can make GREAT gains in 10wks assuming you lift hard & follow a progressive training program however, what I want you to take away from this post is that, administration of test ALONE with NO EXERCISE still increased FFM by 3.2kg in 10wks. 3.2kg of extra FFM from NOT lifting at all! Add lifting to the mix & test produces a 6.1kgFFM gain in 10wks ie. 4.2kg MORE than natties training their asses off. A later study by the same authors showed similar in that supplementation with 600g test/week produced a gain of ~8kgFFM with a 75% increase in strength in 20wks, again WITHOUT lifting

Conclusion: Stop striving to attain your most famous “fitfammer’s” physiques. It’s not going to happen as most are on some sort of roids be it mild or strong dosages which, as you can see, lead to abnormal increases in muscle. You on the other hand are natty so work with what you have & be satisfied with slow(er) progress as taking roids is NOT an option unless you want to risk reduced fertility, gyno, hepatic, cardiovascular, hematological, cerebrovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine, renal, immunologic & psychologic negative effects