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1. Prioritize protein: You know by now that protein is the most satiating of the 3 macros meaning that it’s ideal for increasing fullness . Furthermore, a protein shake before eating has shown to aid in reducing ad libitum intake thus another benefit

2. Stay hydrated: Sometimes when you THINK you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty & that by staying hydrated & by lots of water you can positively influence weight loss/appetite by reducing kcal intake

3. Eat your water: As above however most foods that contain lots of water are also low in kcals & high in volume thus again having been shown to aid in reducing overeating & increasing fullness

4. Increase fibre: As above, most “volume foods” are also high in fibre which has shown to be beneficial for increasing fullness & reducing kcal intake

5. Eat slowly: Eating fast is associated with overeating, lower satiety & “pleasantness” ratings vs eating slow meaning that by eating slowly, you can increase fullness & actually enjoy the taste of your food more

6. Have a coffee: Caffeine can have an acute effect on decreasing kcal intake by exerting “appetite suppressing-like” effects

7. Sleep: Lack of sleep is associated with increases in ghrelin meaning that you are more likely to be hungrier going into a meal than when you get a good night sleep

8. Lift weights (or just keep yourself busy): Though a single bout of exercise does not lead to an automatic increase in hunger or energy intake to restore energy balance , here is some evidence that acute bouts of high-intensity exercise (much like lifting) may actually induce transient declines in subsequent hunger aka exercise-induced anorexia . Therefore not only can lifting weights take up 1-2hrs of your day & take your mind off food, it MAY actually decrease kcal intake for the rest of the day