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Dieting Mistakes: Short term satisfaction
Food is more than just 'energy': It is an identity that varies from culture to culture, it is environment, habit and even history, and if we don't keep that in mind when we're dieting or adjusting our diet, we're simply setting ourselves for frustration and the building of non-sustainable habits in the long run. ⁣

The biggest mistake people make (beginners) when starting a diet, is exactly.. 'starting a diet'. The mentality: when you say you're starting a diet, you're also implying you're 'finishing it' at one point - which shouldn't be the goal, if your goal is to build sustainable habits. ⁣

This automatically makes us think of the most efficient way of getting from point A to B, in the least amount of time, with the most amount of results.. The worse it feels, the better, because we at least have some feed back from it. It's working. Right ?⁣

And then? Then doesn't matter, back to square 0. And so on and so forth. This happens to most if not everyone of us who've at least once tried to diet. ⁣

In reality, if you want your diet to work long term, it shouldn't feel like that. You should actually start workijg with what you already have: your current habitual, cultural and environmental way of eating, and then changing certain foods/quantities of foods or macronutrients here and there, adjusting them to match your goal. ⁣
That's something you can see yourself doing for a long time, because it doesn't require extraordinary effort. It doesn't require 'starting' and then 'finishing' the diet. You just do it because you're used to doing it already. ⁣

Adopting this mentality will change your perspective on dieting and it won't be something 'painful' to associate your mind with. ⁣