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Do you drink energy drinks?
Though most energy drinks (ED) vary in their ingredient list, the 4 most common ones found are: caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners & taurine

Caffeine (usually 100-200mg/can): Main stimulant in ED proven to increase alertness (, performance & decrease onset of fatigue so by going off Temple et al (2017) “safe” limit of <400mg/day, 1-2 ED/day are well within limits & “safe” to consume

Sugar: Though NOT the main driver behind fat gain , sugar does have a poor/empty nutritional value & isn’t very filling thus making it EASIER, especially for sedentary children, to create a surplus & gain weight which is 1 of, if not the main causes of disease. However, if you can fit it into your daily requirements then sugar won’t impede fat loss & is safe

Artificial sweeteners (AS): Having read the above it’s clear that opting for the DIET editions is best however, these are often loaded with AS. Not a problem. The ADI for the likes of sucralose & aspartame are so high that it’s almost impossible to exceed it unless consuming upward of 20-30cans/day thus proven to be perfectly safe for human consumption (once the ADI isn’t exceeded of course)

Taurine (usually~1g/can): Proven to aid in CV health, improving insulin sensitivity & an antioxidant with an ADI of ~3g thus, considering 1can may yield 1g, 1-2cans is within limits with 3+cans/day starting to become harmful

Overall the MAIN *potentially* dangerous ingredient of ED seems to be caffeine as, especially when consumed with alcohol or when suffering with CV disorders, higher intakes may be considered dangerous but if consumed in moderation ie. NOT 10/day & with no prior CV issues, ED can be a safe addition to your diet, Shoutout for the knowledge bombs