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Do you take supplements?

So, let’s discuss the post. Supplements (or lack of) are not the reason that you aren’t making gains, a question I ALWAYS get asked. Sure there are SOME that can be beneficial but the most likely reason you are struggling to build muscle is 1 of the following

Not eating enough: A kcal surplus will create the most OPTIMAL environment for growth along with facilitating intense workouts & though you can build muscle without one , the rate at which you do will be sig. less than that with a surplus . Also, be sure to consume adequate PROTEIN as it is the building blocks to new muscle tissue therefore, intakes of AT LEAST 1.2g/kg are advised.

Training: Studies show that in order to progress & build muscle you have to progressively overload by actually TRYING to add sets/reps/weight/reduce rest etc. over time . Thus, if you don’t train HARD enough, you’re not going to be making gains. Also, if you don’t train FEQUENTLY enough then you may be compromising your ability to grow as higher frequencies are best if seeking to maximise hypertrophy. Finally, though cardio is great for CV health & fitness , when abused, has shown to sig. impair recovery & overall hypertrophy along with burning more “unnecessary” kcals which you may actually require for fuelling growth (back to point 1) thus use it sparingly

Stress & sleep: Sleep is required for biological & mental regeneration & a lack of it has shown to cause increases in cortisol (STRESS) thus leading to changes in feeding behaviour, glucose regulation, blood pressure & a reduction in anabolic hormones like test & IGF1 & reduced performance which together can ALL act to favour the loss of muscle mass & thus hinder gains  so be sure to get a MINIMUM of 6hrs quality sleep/day & try to keep stress from other areas low.