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Even more at home exercises you can do with every day equip.
Since you guys are enjoying the home workout we provided, I'll be posting more exercise ideas for you all! ⁣

This time we'll get more creative and start using some resistance that can come in the form of water bottles (or anything you can find that has some weight!)
1. Perform these with either bodyweight, home items like cases of water, boxes filled with things, or a backpacks filled with books.⁣

2. Once you’ve chosen your implement and method, create a soft bend in the knees, then hinge forward bringing the hips back and maintaining a neutral torso angle. ⁣

3. Try to emphasize the stretch on the hamstrings. After you’ve hit your full range of motion, return to your starting position and contract the glutes at the top. Brace, then repeat the process for the following reps. ⁣

1. Place the hands roughly a foot away from the wall and assume a lunge position, then kick yourself upwards. Think about kicking your back leg up and driving through the toe of the front leg. ⁣

Make sure you have on the proper foot attire to ensure you don’t scuff your wall. Also, place a small pillow under the head to avoid bumping the head on the ground if you’re new to this exercise.⁣

2. Slowly lower yourself downwards until the head lightly touches, and drive upwards by pressing through the floor and contracting the delts and triceps. When lowering yourself downwards, try to keep the wrists and elbows somewhat aligned similarly to what is done in the barbell overhead press. ⁣

3. When at the top, brace, then repeat the above process.⁣

1. Once you’ve secured your backpack and filled it with weight, assume a normal standing position as if you were performing any other form of lunge. ⁣