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FULLBODY (Bodyweight)
1. Position yourself under a well-constructed table that has the ability to support your hanging weight.⁣

2. Pull yourself upwards until the chest is either touching, about 3-4 inches away from the table, or you physically can’t pull yourself any further.⁣

3. Once you’ve hit the top-end range of motion, contract the back as much as you can, and slowly lower yourself down!⁣
1. Take 2-5 steps away from the wall, and turn the face to it. Note, the further you stand away, the harder the skull crusher will be. ⁣

2. Reach out and place the hands on the wall about shoulder width apart. Brace, then lower the body towards the wall maintaining your neutral body positioning. Bring yourself all the way down until the forearms are lying flat on the wall!⁣

3. Once you’ve hit this end range of motion, maintain your tension and press through the hands thinking, “contract the triceps.” At lockout, fully squeeze the triceps, then repeat. ⁣
1. Get into a push-up position, and position.⁣

2. Once you feel stable, reach out to a stable object that’s positioned by you and grip it with a slightly bent arm. ⁣

3. After you’ve established your ground facing hand’s position and have a stable grip, perform the single-arm assisted push-up!⁣

1. Lie on your back and bring the knees to a 90 degree position. This position will be similar to what you would do if you were establishing your setup in a glute bridge. ⁣

3. Place a towel, old shirt, or other material that can be slid on the floor under the feet. Once you’ve done so, bring the hips upwards and contract the glutes. ⁣

4. Keep the hips high by contracting the glutes, then slide the legs outwards maintaining this high hip position.