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How do you use your protein powder?

Now you have more time on your hands, here are 8 recipes that involve the use of your protein powder that are most definitely tastier than a shake on its own. Give them a try & let me know what you think

However, hopefully by now you know that protein QUALITY is highly important for gaining muscle mass. Proteins such as whey are digested relatively rapidly, resulting in rapid aminoacidemia, inducing a large rise in MPS and thus superior protein synthesis stimulation compared to other proteins . While whey protein (or any protein powder for that matter) has shown NOT to be NEEDED once sufficient (>1.6g/day) dietary PRO is achieved whey can still be a great protein source to include in your diet to MAKE UP part of your required daily intake.

However, anecdotally speaking, simply consuming a whey protein shake in 1 sip postworkout without any real “enjoyment” seems like a “waste” of protein. Therefore, as we know that there is no real need to rush down to the locker room & down a bland protein shake within 5mins postworkout (unless you trained fasted, then it may be more important), consuming whey protein within a larger ~2hr period postworkout is still suffice to maximise the so called “anabolic window” as post exercise induced MPS stays elevated for up to 48hrs postworkout, not 5mins lol .

So, instead of having a bland shake which takes 1minute to drink, why not take your time (assuming you have it) & make up a whole MEAL which includes your whey protein powder in order to help increase satiation & food enjoyment.