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This is NOT a “one diet is better than the other” post, it’s just me explaining to you why you may experience faster WEIGHT loss when approaching a keto/low carb diet (in the first weeks) compared to a high/higher carb one. ⁣⁣
It’s pretty simple: what makes keto wonderful is the fast initial weight loss related to carbohydrate reduction. Each gram of carbs retains 2.4-3g of water per actual gram of carb, so reducing carbohydrate intake results in a drop in bodyweight. Relax though, it’s just water: you’re just as fat as you were before, but because you’ve reduced your carb intake, you’re simply NOT retaining as much water as you previously did. However, you see your weight go down so quick so you’re placebo-ly happy.⁣⁣
Quite infact FAT LOSS is THE SAME, let me say it again: FAT LOSS IS THE SAME for both diets if calories are matched, and this is WHY there’s difference between saying “weight” and “fat” loss, fellas. ⁣⁣
..and want lose FAT, not WEIGHT. I mean obviously by losing fat you’ll end up losing weight too but you get what I mean. ⁣⁣
Please don’t get fooled by some diets claimed to “double fat loss”. ⁣⁣
Calories are king, and if matched, they will provide the same exact results for every single diet. ⁣⁣
This is why you should pick your OWN one and not follow what’s trendy. Hope I’ve cleared up the air!⁣⁣