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Learning to love home workouts.
I reallyyyyy struggled with working out at home in the beginning, I think I was trying too hard to recreate what I do in the gym and then got too frustrated because it just isn’t the same ???? but slowly I’m getting more into it, I’ve changed how I structure my workouts and I think it’s working! So I thought I’d share a few of the things I did to start enjoying home workouts, in case you’re needing a little bit of hope ????

????Do what you love. Right now it’s so important to just do what makes you happy, so if there’s certain exercises that you absolutely despise, don’t do them! We shouldn’t be focusing on “what’s the best exercise”, what’s important is what exercises you enjoy and make you feel good.
????????‍♀️Don’t force it. I’m someone that if I have to force myself to do something I will HATE it. Working out should be something you do because it makes you feel better, it shouldn’t be something you dread. So if the thought of doing a home workout makes you want to cry, don’t do it! There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, especially at this crazy time. Nothing will happen, you won’t lose all your progress, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it means that you’re putting your happiness first.
????‍♀️Change things up. My workouts are pretty much all circuit based right now and I never used to train that way, but I’m loving it! It keeps things intense and stops me from getting bored because I’m always moving to a different exercise ???? it feels so good to change up my usual routine, so try adding in something new or changing the structure of your workouts to make working out exciting again ✨
I’ve said this so many times but you should NOT feel pressured into doing anything right now, Instagram is full of home workouts, people going running, people starting a side hustle, the list goes on ???? but there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing, you don’t have to be insanely productive, as long as your coping and happy that’s all that matters ???? stay safe angels, all my love ❤️