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Low testosterone
Have you ever wondered WHY men even need testosterone? Well it..
• Helps retains nitrogen and thus an essential hormone in the development and maintenance of muscle mass
• Aids in causing a reduction in fat mass along with the aforementioned increase in muscle mass
• Improves overall physical performance & strength
• Has a potent effect on libido and sexual function playing a role in creating some rock hard boners lol
• Aids partitioning nutrients preferentially towards muscle and away from fat
• Improves cognitive function
• Improves mood
• Aids in the maintenance of bone health

If that isn’t enough references to convince you that testosterone may be quite important then I don’t know what will be lol so if you want to increase testosterone then be sure to watch the vid, it really does have a tonne of value in it but for this post I don’t think there’s anything else needed to be said lol.