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Testosterone: the word itself conjures images of stereotypical masculinity, bulging muscles, and aggression (pictured above ????). Most people think of testosterone as the “male” sex hormone but all people produce testosterone, regardless of their sex. In men, most testosterone is produced by Leydig cells in the testes. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries. And in both, small amounts are produced in the adrenal glands.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Testosterone is a sex hormone made from cholesterol. In men, it’s involved in many biological processes including sperm production, sex drive, development of muscle mass, bone strength and development of secondary sex characteristics like body hair. In women, testosterone is involved in sex drive, ovarian function, and bone strength.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Testosterone also influences the physiology and structure of the brain. In puberty, surging levels of testosterone influence how young men behave and think by up-regulating and down-regulating different parts of their brains. This is not an excuse for all the behaviors of teenage boys but it does play a part in why they act how they act ????????‍♂️
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring causes of low testosterone, natural ways to increase testosterone levels, and testosterone optimization therapy. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The decline of circulating testosterone levels in aging men is associated with adverse health effects. During studies of probiotic bacteria and obesity, we discovered that male mice routinely consuming purified lactic acid bacteria originally isolated from human milk had larger testicles and increased serum testosterone levels compared to their age-matched controls. Further investigation using microscopy-assisted histomorphometry of testicular tissue showed that mice consuming Lactobacillus reuteri in their drinking water had significantly increased seminiferous tubule cross-sectional profiles and increased spermatogenesis and Leydig cell numbers per testis when compared with matched diet counterparts This showed that criteria of gonadal aging were reduced after routinely consuming a purified microbe such as L. reuteri.
We tested whether these features typical of sustained reproductive fitness may be due to anti-inflammatory properties of L. reuteri, and found that testicular mass and other indicators typical of old age were similarly restored to youthful levels using systemic administration of antibodies blocking pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-17A.
If you knew about a safe, effective secret weapon for health and happiness would you use it? Adequate testosterone is that secret weapon. Many men and women lack sufficient testosterone needed for optimal health, yet research shows that adequate levels of testosterone can help prevent diseases in most of our organ systems, in addition to improving our quality of life and our figures!

Testosterone changes everything, protecting our heart, bones, brain, sex life, and even fighting cancer. Perhaps you’ve noticed that men lose more weight than women do (and lose it faster)—and seem to age more slowly and gracefully than women as well. Maybe you’ve wondered why middle-aged men still want sex although many women lose the intensity of our desire for it. It’s because men have more testosterone than women!
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Is Testosterone Loss a Problem for You? Testosterone is called the hormone of the life force. It creates more energy because it makes life so much easier for you. Few people understand that testosterone is necessary to living a #healthy and happy life!
Low levels correlate with depression, osteoporosis, rise in body fat, and other unwanted symptoms.Could testosterone be your missing link to looking, feeling, and functioning better?
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Testosterone has been hypothesized to play a role in the etiology of prostate cancer, because testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, are the principal trophic hormones that regulate growth and function of epithelial prostate tissue. This report gives the results of assays of circulating steroid hormone levels in white and black college students in Los Angeles, CA. Mean testosterone levels in blacks were 19% higher than in whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant.

Men's Health:
#Testosterone is a #hormone produced by the testicles and is responsible for the proper development of male #sexual characteristics. Testosterone is also important for maintaining #muscle bulk, adequate levels of red blood cells, bone growth, a sense of well-being, and sexual function.
Group Differences • • •
Asian seem more feminine in #physical appearance because they produce more #estrogen than #men of other racial groups. Asian women are more feminine in appearance because they produce more estrogen than other women. This estrogen also influences personality and emotions this makes Asian men display characteristics that often are associated with women.
Some of the characteristics are they keep emotions hidden well meaning it can be difficult to tell when an Asian man is angry. The more testosterone a man produce the more he will show emotions of anger, joy, sadness, happiness, etc. The less testosterone a man produces the more he is able to keep his emotions hidden.
The claim of lower East Asian testosterone (T) levels is now a real marker of “race” or race difference.
Main hypotheses:
African males have the highest testosterone level.. European males have an intermediate testosterone level.. East Asian males have the lowest testosterone level.
Africans in America also have higher estradiol levels. Mexicans had higher testosterone than whites but similar estradiol and SHBG concentrations. Given these findings, it may be equally if not more important to investigate the relationship of #estradiol & testosterone levels.
Data is available for each of these groups though lacking for Americans, Indo-Aryans and Latin Americans. The (general) race realist T-ranking from highest to lowest:
1. African
2. Middle Easterner
4. Latino
5.Native American
6. Indo-Aryan..