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More at-home exercises!
Many countries are experiencing full lock down, so it becomes more and more difficult to keep your fitness in check, especially for those that don't own a home gym. No worries though, you can still train with what you have! ⁣

At, we've decided to launch a FREE bodyweight program to keep you busy throughout this hard period!

Onto the exercise tutorials: ⁣

1. Stand with the feet about hip width apart, bend forward, and place the hands on the ground.⁣

2. While keeping the hips relatively high and trying to maintain a soft bend in the knees (you’ll feel the hamstrings stretch), walk the hands outwards until you’re in an extended plank position.⁣

3. Once you’ve hit the plank posture, perform a push-up, then walk the hands back in thinking about maintaining the same hip and knee angles as you had before.⁣

1. Hold a filled backpack or other weighted object out in front of you with the elbows upwards and the torso tall, then assume a split squat position.⁣

2. Perform a normal split squat by gripping the floor, allowing the front knee to track, and maintaining your hip angle throughout the full lowering and extending process. While doing this, keep the core contracted and fight to keep the backpack (or implement) upright with the torso.⁣

3. When you’ve reached the bottom of your range of motion, drive through the front leg and assume your starting position before beginning the next rep. ⁣

It’s important that when you drive upwards and contract the quad, you’re keeping the hips moving upwards and not shooting them backwards to compensate!⁣

1. With a backpack held in front of the body similar to a goblet squat, stand upright with the feet parallel with one another. ⁣

2. Step out to one side with the feet remaining in-line with each other and slowly descend the hips to the floor by working with the range of motion you possess. Likely, this will feel tough to begin...