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More Bodyweight exercises to do at home!
As we continue to go through this lockdown, many of us are trying to make the best out of the situation we're all in.
Here are some more examples for some more exercises to add to your routine.

1. Find a stable object that is roughly 1-2 feet off the ground and place the back leg onto it. The front leg should be far enough in front of the body so you can achieve full range of motion without the heel lifting off the ground. It’s okay if the knee tracks over the toe!

2. If you want to add weight, fill a backpack full of books or other objects and ensure it’s secured on the back. Brace as you normally would for a lunge and slowly lower yourself downwards.
3. Once you’ve hit the full range of motion, drive through the front leg while gripping the floor with the foot. Think about, “pushing down and contracting the quad”. Stabilize, then repeat for the following reps

1. Place two chairs to your sides and position your hands on them with the arms locked out. The chair should be just wide enough so you can sink your hips down comfortably, but not too wide to where the elbows flare outwards. Think about what a traditional dip bar’s width is!

2. Place the legs in front of you with the heels on the ground. Try to maintain this passive “L” position and keep the torso upright and rigid.
3. Brace and lower yourself until the arms are in a 90 degree angle or just past it. Once you’ve hit this full range of motion think, “drive down and contract the triceps all the way through lockout.” Then repeat the proces

1. Assume a normal push-up position with the hands a few inches wider than your normal push-up hand position.
2. Lower yourself slowly to the ground, then explosively press up and bring the hands inwards to a close-grip position..