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When it comes to bulking and LIMITING fat gain, apart from ensuring that your surplus is small there are two other DIETARY factors which can contribute to keeping you lean(er) 1. Adopting a high protein and carbohydrate intake and 2. Keeping dietary fat low

Correct, amino acids in excess of those needed for protein synthesis are preferentially catabolized over carbohydrates and fat for energy production as there are no real storage sites for amino acids or proteins, and that accumulation of nitrogenous compounds is ill tolerated . Therefore, overfeeding protein results in the carbon skeletons of the excess aminos getting converted into GLUCOSE via gluconeogenesis. This means that if you were to create a calorie surplus from higher protein intakes, after enough is used to fuel growth on new LBM, you would be more inclined to burn/excrete the remainder than to store it as additional fat. Result = you stay leaner

The same can be said for carbohydrates which come second on the “oxidation list” as excess carbs are often stored as glycogen or burned off as heat as opposed to being stored as fat vs dietary fat which can be directly re-esterified back into fat when eaten in excess . This is because the process required for carbohydrate to be converted to fat (de novo lipogenesis) is an extremely rare and inefficient process for the body meaning that, after enough are used to fuel performance in the gym and/or daily activities, you would be more inclined to burn excess carbohydrates than to store them as additional fat. Result = you stay leaner

Practical implications: By no means am I saying that dietary fat is bad for us, in fact, it is anything but as it is an essential macronutrient required for overall HEALTH along with maintenance hormone concentrations however, meals high in protein & carbs (as in the pic) may be better for when eating in a surplus than higher fat alternatives in order to keep additional fat gain at a minimum