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This is not a post hating on a particular diet. I know there are people who do great on low carbs, or any other 'diet' of the mainstream.⁣

This post only goes to show that no matter what, at the end of the day, the best diet for you is the one you can stick to for the longest. ⁣

"Eating fat to lose fat”, “eat fat to teach your body to utilize fat for fuel”, "putting butter in your coffee to speed your metabolism", "eat clean to get lean". I think I’ve heard them all.⁣

Should you go keto or should you try the newest diet to lose bodyfat? It doesn't really matter. For a diet to work, you'll have to be in a caloric deficit.

What makes Keto or any other diet so wonderful and money making (for the coaches who promote it to be superior for fat loss) is the fast initial weight loss related to the carbohydrate reduction or, the potential increased EE. ⁣
Each gram of carbs retains 2.4-3g of water per actual gram, therefore reducing carbohydrates’ intake results in a drop in bodyweight. ⁣

Relax though, it’s just water: you’re just as fat as you were before, but because you see your weight go down so quick, you’re happy. Which mind you, could be a plus for those who need motivation, but it certainly becomes more and more difficult to stick to, as you continue.⁣

The point is: can you do it for ever? How long will the diet 'last'. Dieting shouldn't be seen as something you start and end, in my opinion.

When it comes to losing bodyfat, and wanting to lose if for good, you need to find and approach that works for you, based on your own habits, culture and environment. ⁣

It’s gotta be a lifestyle, not something you do & don’t do, not something with a start & an end. This is why every fad diet works but at the same time doesn’t: because yes, whatever the approach is, as long as it makes you eat fewer calories, you’ll lose fat. On the other hand though, it won’t work because it won’t be sustainable for ever. ⁣

Want to diet and lose fat? Write down everything you eat in a week and reduce a % of the quantity of those foods. You don’t need no magic foods nor magic diets.