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Steroids pills, what they are and how they work
Most beginners and those who have only heard of steroid pills, have the impression that they will be able to move mountains with these chemically synthesized substances. Honestly, I don't know much about them, but I have an impression that they just want to take these steroids orally. In short, it's a bad idea. First, because it is clear that they have not been sufficiently informed, so they should not use steroids at all under such circumstances because they are used only in the case of a healthy lifestyle with a physical effort to the extent. Secondly, cycles with only oral steroids are expensive and have often been unsatisfactory. By unsatisfactory, I mean, disappointing results occur only if the user does not alternate steroid use with intense physical effort.
What does the term anabolic steroid mean?
The term steroid by definition refers to "human testosterone derivative". That is, the male testosterone obtained by chemical synthesis with carbon is called steroid. Steroids synthesize protein and help to increase and define muscle mass. There are several types of steroids, including anabolic and growth hormones. But you're probably wondering is an embryo steroid? According to the specialists, steroidal embolizer is a chemical synthesis that is closely related to testosterone. Anabolic steroids cause increased muscle mass and stimulate endogenous steroid production in the human body. This immature growth can be achieved under completely beneficial conditions without side effects only if the user is a sporty performer. By performing sports I mean those people who are completely dedicated to the sport, both through physical activity and through nutritional activity. In their turn, anabolic steroids are further divided into several categories.
From these categories we mention steroids that are given orally, ingestion, and intramuscular injectable steroids. The difference between these two types of steroids is that the oral ones are assimilated slower in the body and their effect is shorter (several hours). Those injected intramuscularly produce a long lasting effect that can reach even 3 or 4 days and are immediately assimilated into the body. Then there are the steroids that are swallowed in the form of tablets that are water soluble. These water-soluble tablets will be absorbed into the body for 3-4 weeks, during which time they will work for the effect desired by the person consuming them.
Besides the types above, let's talk a little about steroids based on injections. They are generally oil based and have a longer duration of action: between 6 and 8 months, as opposed to simple ones. After a person is taking steroids, the steroid molecules fuse with the receptor of the cells in the body. From this moment on, the steroid molecule can increase protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, cause major metabolic changes, increase in size and resistance of skeletal muscle cells. Anabolic steroids are human hormones that cause rapid growth and development of tissues in the body. On the sites selling steroids, the division is generally divided into two major groups: oral and injectable steroids respectively. In the category of oral steroids are those for increasing muscle mass, for defining, for weakening, antiestrogens. In turn, the injectable steroids are classified according to the intended purpose: steroids for increasing muscle mass, for definition and for weakening respectively. In addition to oral and injectable steroids, there is a third category of growth hormones. Considering that there are several types of steroids and the prices are different depending on the product.
Steroid consumption leads us to bodybuilding, which automatically means better nutrition. To improve the mind, it would be best to combine intense workouts with a healthy diet and adequate rest, so only steroid use can be successful. Healthy eating habits and the foods you eat can affect your thinking and memory. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants can improve attention and memory. Foods rich in antioxidants are fruits and vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, oranges, etc. Consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables will provide the brain with the necessary carbohydrates. For rapid fat burning those who do bodybuilding can also use steroids, only if the physical effort I put in is intense.
How do we use steroid pills?
I want to further detail the idea of ​​steroid pills. They are also known as the major category they belong to, namely anabolic steroids. These are in the form of tablets that can be administered according to a certain rule, only orally. It is important not to confuse the terms that help a good reaction of the body in contact with this steroid. Another important factor when using Steroids Pills is the cycle of use you have. It is determined by the result you want, whether we are losing weight or increasing and defining muscle mass.
The effect of these types of steroid pills lasts between 3 and 5 hours, and it is also recommended that the daily dose be administered in 2 doses to maintain an optimal concentration of substance in the blood for longer. This way you will have optimal results, in the long term, depending on the cycle of use and the strength maintained. Steroids Pills can cause some side effects, these are minimal and rare. These appear only in the case of an overdose of the pills. The biggest problem with steroid pills is that it requires quite a lot of liver, which is why any type of hepatoprotect is recommended. Requires much liver because it is a hormone at the base, and without a regulation of secretions in the body, it can cause liver damage. Any steroid increases the body's weight with water retention and this is why it can increase blood pressure and some palpitations. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hypotensive preparation for rhythmic pulse protection. As side effects that can occur are most often acne on the body surface. And if the consumer is genetically predisposed to baldness, it can accelerate it.
A study revealed that taking 20mg / day over a 10-day period causes the body to reduce testosterone secretion in the body by about 30-40%. After stopping the cycle with Steroids Pills will signal a decrease in muscle mass and physical strength. This type of steroid can cause people with high temperament to have increased states of aggression. Generally, these types of steroids are called a good mood steroid. Because it can give euphoria and a better mood that helps those who consume it during training. Steroids are only recommended for people who have a physically active life. An intense workout and a nutritious one as you go.
The idea is that a "body of god" can not be obtained only by training, regardless of its duration and intensity. This workout should always be supported by a proper diet and drug substances that will help the muscles to grow. Substances like steroids. These are used to achieve a quick and lasting effect, and the most commonly used are the oral and injectable steroids mentioned above. The type of steroids to be used depends very much on our body and how it resists in the face of physical stress factors, but also on how quickly we want to achieve the results. But it is best to ask the personal trainer who will definitely recommend the appropriate steroids. Access steroids online directly on BODYROIDS.COM to access a wide range of steroid pills just a click away. Older bodybuilders most often use a mixture of injectable and oral steroids, because of the speed with which they make their effect, but also in the case that the doses administered will be lower and the negative effects can be minimized. Steroids are actually chemical substances derived from the primordial male hormone: testosterone. They will support the muscular effort and the effects will appear almost immediately, but we must pay attention to their dosage to avoid side effects.
The most used steroids (besides testosterone) include Turanabol, Danabol and Winstrol. Although some of the above may be others. It is important that they are original. Access BODYROIDS.COM now for the best online Steroids. These steroids, given properly, do not have any negative effects on the body. These will be administered only in combination with adequate physical effort and a nutritious one as well. The combination of steroids can be done with growth hormones or thyroid hormones, testosterone, HGC. The only thing to keep in mind is the tests of daily physical activity. You can get all these details from your personal trainer. One of the most used methods is the pyramidal one, of two mini-cycles for 12 sabatamans, for a healthy intake in combination with steroids.
 Below is a commonly used method that can be approved by any coach.
To begin with, we will use a small amount of oral or injectable steroids that we will gradually increase until we reach a maximum quality (maintained for a well-defined period of time), followed by a gradual decrease to the minimum value used initially. This method is most often used. Join BODYROIDS.COM now for the best Steroids Pills. A Steroids Shop just a click away. It is very important to maintain the same amount of steroids throughout the administration cycle; In the beginning, a steroid is used, after which it is changed to another; This method called "Front-loading method" will be administered with a large dose initially, sustained throughout the course with lower doses. How steroids will be administered depends also on the degree of resistance of the body and the risks we want to take, but also on the type of steroids.
Injectable steroids, on the other hand, last longer in the blood and will be given from 2-3 days (Danabol, Winstrol) to a duration of 7-10 days (Nandrolone Decanoat). It is very important to follow the coach's instructions for administering these steroids. Failures lead to the dysfunction of their action and so the contraindications appear. Instead, oral steroids will be administered daily, and if we want a quick result, they will be used even more times a day, without being overdosed. In these cases, it is advisable to use drugs with a protective role of the liver or natural supplements to prevent side effects because steroid pills affect the liver following secretion of various hormones.
In order to keep the effects of steroids under control, it is ideal to use medical tests performed periodically: liver tests, cardio-vascular tests, general blood tests, endocrine parameters, etc. It is recommended to use steroids only if the person concerned is prone to intense physical effort and a balanced diet. The use of steroids (especially oral) should take into account both the side effects and their contraindications, and careful reading of the prescriptions is an essential thing to do before administering them. However, the use of steroids has a mixed opinion, both for and against. Regardless of their nature, they have the role of improving your sports performance in the shortest time. If you exercise constant physical effort, then with steroids the pills will move you to the next level.
Where can I buy steroid pills?
Now you have a wide range of steroids online in the pill category. Visit the hottest Steroids Shop to see that your choices are a click away. BODYROIDS.COM is the closest, just order and they come directly to your home. Anabolic steroids are chemical substances related to testosterone but with much reduced androgenic properties than this one, but the anabolic properties are retained (the accumulation of muscle and bone tissue in particular). Although the ultimate goal is to make a steroid that has completely lost its androgenic characteristics specific to testosterone, it seems that it will never be achieved (hence the correct name would be androgenic anabolic steroids). Another cause for the development of steroids was that testosterone, administered orally, is inactivated 98% in the liver, since the first passage, so a very small amount of the substance reaches the bloodstream being useful. In fact the name should be anabolic-androgenic steroids, but we will continue to use the simpler steroid name. Since the 1930s, it has been discovered that steroid administration in laboratory animals produces increases in muscle and bone mass. They quickly entered the arsenal of bodybuilders and weightlifters due to these effects.
German scientists, during World War II, managed to synthesize steroids that were experienced not only by soldiers but by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. And it seems that Hitler himself is taking steroids, according to sources of course. Steroids are obtained by modifying the testosterone molecule (that hormone that is found especially in men), more or less, resulting in substances with similar properties but also with differences. For example, the result is a steroid with very low androgenic properties, but at the same time with low anabolic properties (it has the great advantage of increasing ATP synthesis). This ATP is what makes body builders so muscularly defined. Steroids are used for medical purposes in many situations such as: hormonal insufficiency, delayed puberty, after castration, surgery with large tissue loss, impotence, HIV, breast cancer, severe anemia and other critical illnesses or conditions of the body. Due to the secretion of testosterone hormones, steroids manage to fight and prevent certain diseases. Due to their anabolic effects they are used by healthy people, who want to improve their sports performance (performance athletes especially in strength sports but not only: bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, boating, cycling, boxing, swimming etc.), to look better (bigger muscles and less fat - here comes the pressure created by the presentation of beauty ideals in the media) or even to lower the performance in certain actions related to the performance of the tasks (military in special troops, bodyguarzi etc.). It is very important not to confuse the use of steroids with dopping.
However, it seems that in some situations steroids give addiction, especially psychic. The most important decision-maker in this situation is the person who uses this type of supplement. Whoever finds that steroids make you strong and give you a good feeling, will not give up easily, even in the face of scientific evidence about the harmful effects on health. Now, the health of the user is also taken into account because if you have constant physical effort then steroid administration should not cause any problems. Also due to the changes they make in the body, steroids also give a withdrawal syndrome, such as drugs, but much easier.
It should be noted here that steroids do not reduce sexual activity, do not cause impotence and are not comparable to drugs. The most common symptom of steroid withdrawal is depression, but there are also: fatigue, nervousness, irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia, impotence or reduced libido. These effects can be sustained for up to one year. Most young people make the mistake of taking steroids without first informing and of course, without having an intense sports activity. This has led to many problems. Problems whose root cause is not steroids, but uninformed people who self-administer them. 
 In different states (especially one US) the use of steroids without the recommendation of a doctor is a punishable offense as is drug trafficking. However, the United States, more than 10 years after the adoption of this law, which puts steroids in line with heroin, cocaine, and the others, are the most used steroids, especially among young people. On the contrary, it has led to the proliferation of dangerous practices such as the use of counterfeit steroids or worse, even steroids for veterinary use. This is in addition to the huge profits of traffickers and those who counterfeit these substances. Thus it can be observed that by using force, no positive results are obtained, the only viable method being education and awareness of potential dangers. Do not take steroids unless you have balanced nutrition and intense physical activity.
From the beginning, anti-doping tests have been conceived and applied, both in sports events and in other situations, with such low efficiency, year by year finding new cases of doping as well as suspicious deaths (remember the the regrets of Haldan or Vrabioru, whose autopsies were musamalized, Dumenzeu knows why, or from other countries Florance Griffith Joiner, the famous American runner, and Andreas Muntzer (the famous professional bodybuilder). But it is very important that dopping should not be confused with steroid use. Mass Media tends to put them in the same pot when in fact they are completely different. Dopping means drug, steroid means hormone. A hormone that accelerates the definition of muscle mass or various others. Visit BODYROIDS.COM for offers and the best prices for steroids.
Therefore, steroids are not drugs as they are advertised. They are a dietary supplement based on Testosterone hormone that can be given to both men and women. It is only important that these steroid pills be administered only in parallel with balanced nutrition and intense physical effort. A healthy body will never cause problems and the use of these supplements is completely beneficial. It is only important that in the use of steroids the pills or injections also be given a hepatoprotective drug for the integral protection of the liver. Do not take steroids unless you exert any physical exertion because the results will be delayed and so you will risk ruining your body shape. An excess of this hormone does not benefit. Access BODYROIDS.COM for the best steroids. Just one click away from you!