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Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a steroid found especially in the US market. Its European equivalent is incorporated into testosterone, with which it differs extremely little, at the time of action. It is a powerful steroid, basic in many cures.
Active substace: testosterone cypionat
Trade name: Banrot, Cypionax, Cycle-6, Testosterone Ultra, Miro Depo, LA test, Deposterone, Depo-testosterone, Testosterone C, Testosteronate 200 LA, Testex Prolongatume Cypiont.
It seems that the testosterone cypionate is a product that is largely found only on the US market. This is why it is one of the most commonly used testosterone esters by Americans. And this is not just about "national pride", but also because many say it's a superior product, far better than testosterone enanthate. At the same time, it is said that it may cause more water retention, but not so bad that it is abandoned because of it. But if we look at the objective problem, we can see that testosterone cypionate and enanthate are substitutable with each other. Both are long acting oil based steroids, which will keep your testosterone levels up for two weeks. Improved testosterone seems to be superior when it comes to testosterone release rate, being with a lighter carbon molecule. But the difference is so small that it cannot really be taken into account.
As with all testosterone injections, the gains in mass and strength during a cycle are considerable. But because testosterone is easily converted to estrogen, a high level of water retention will occur. Also, losing the definition when using this steroid makes it inadmissible during the recovery or relief phases. However, a very important mention must be made. Weight loss and weight gain are mainly dietary. Any testosterone ester will increase metabolism and will not directly encourage fattening. It will not directly stimulate lipolysis (fat burning), but nutrient exchange will be much improved. Much of the fat layer that appears when you use testosterone (arpagic or any other form) comes from a low calorie diet. Most people misunderstand the concept of eating more and I think I should eat as much as possible when using such a steroid. The result is fat accumulation!
In practice, everything that can be said about enameled testosterone is valid for chipping. The two can be replaced without any problem.
Side effects of testosterone cypionate.
Testosterone cypionate has many potential side effects, but is generally well tolerated by men, being identical to the hormone produced by their own body.
Estrogenic side effects
The high level of estrogen it brings into the body can cause gynecomastia. If you notice pain, swelling or knots under the nipples, then ancillary products, such as Proviron or Nolvadex, should be added to the cycle. This will greatly reduce estrogen intake, making steroids more tolerable. An even better option is Arimidex, but the high price makes it less popular. Arimidex will also lower good cholesterol and negatively affect your joints. Those who are sensitive to estrogen are advised to use Nolvadex or Proviron from the beginning of the cycle, before any estrogenic side effects.
Other side effects are water retention and fat accumulation (diet dependent thing).
Androgenic side effects
Because testosterone is the main male hormone, androgenic side effects, such as oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and face and baldness (especially if you are genetically predisposed) are expected to occur. All of these androgenic side effects are caused by the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). A drug such as Propecia (Proscar) can prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thus reducing androgenic effects and especially hair loss.
Cardiovascular side effects
Testosterone cypionate will lower good cholesterol, HDL and increase bad LDL. Things worsen even if a flavor inhibitor, such as Arimidex, is given concomitantly with suppressed testosterone. Also, the presence of other steroids, especially oral ones, will negatively affect cholesterol even more.
It is recommended to supplement with 5 g / day of fish oil and to follow a healthy lifestyle, without processed foods, with moderate carbohydrate consumption. It is also good to do cardiovascular activities daily.

Side effects on testosterone.

Using testosterone cypionate will almost certainly stop stopping your own testosterone products. This is why it is advisable that the end of the cycle be a start or post-cycle therapy. This can prevent a "crash" of hormone imbalanced steroid data after the cycle ends, "crashing" can result in loss of muscle mass gain. That is why there is more of a dissatisfied statement at the end of this steroid (if there are other powerful injectable substances) because they do not know how to recover properly after the cycle. We can't expect to keep all the kilos in the tape, especially when it comes to the existence of such a large steroid. It is important to maintain quality muscle mass after eliminating water retention.
Another way to prevent the “crashes” used by some cultures is to replace the testosterone cyprion with a milder steroid, as well as Deca-durabolin. It is given alone, in doses of 200-400 mg per week immediately after the end of the cycle with chopped testosterone, for another month or two. But it will also be necessary to administer ancillary products such as Nolvadex or Clomid Cycle Splitter because their own testosterone products cannot be restored during deca-durabolin administration. Speaking realistically, this practice is precarious, it is crucial to be very confident with your own testosterone products, but they are mentioned to be used by some athletes.
A good idea is to give HCG starting from two weeks and cycles of testosterone chipped. It is administered in small doses of 250 U.I. every 4 days. This practice is used by cultures and sports to prevent testicular atrophy and use of post-cycle therapy.
Cypionat testosterone administration.
Although active in the body for a long time, cytopioned testosterone is injected weekly. A dose ranges from 400 mg to 800 mg spatam and will provide spectacular muscle mass gains. Although high doses are not required many cultures use excessive doses of over 1000 mg per week. This can lead to denouement and high water retention. So the principle "the more the better" does not apply here, doing more harm than good.
Cypionate testosterone is relatively easy to find on the black market. It is true that it is more widespread in the U.S. but such preparations are abundant on the European market. It can be replaced without problems with lace.