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On the topic of pizza & the staple recipe I include in most full day of eating vids, let’s talk protein (PRO) as, a lot of you still seem to be unsure as to how MUCH & how OFTEN to eat. In general, it has been shown that 1.2-2g/kg is suffice to allow for adaptations from training when at/or above maintenance however there are circumstances where requirements may differ. For ex. requirements vary depending on energy availability ie. increase when in a deficit & vice versa with those extremely active and/or in a deficit often requiring higher intakes of 2-3g/kg to preserve LBM . Furthermore, requirements are higher for leaner individuals vs those with higher bf% . Finally, as the most satiating of the 3 macros higher intakes may be beneficial for those with large appetites

Frequency: A dose of ~3g leucine/meal is required to saturate the mTOR signalling pathway & trigger MPS . Once stimulated, MPS then peaks after 2hrs before declining to baseline after ~3-4hr . Thus, for the goal of maximizing the anabolic response from PRO ingestion, the above suggests that one should avoid spacing meals out too closely & far away from each other. Therefore, considering ~3-4hr be the duration MPS takes to rise & fall, in a typical 14hr eating window (‪8am-10pm) 3-4meals/day spaced out at 4hr intervals has shown to MAXIMISE the anabolic response & thus LBM gain . However, note that to effectively maximize the anabolic response, its necessary you reach that key 3g LEU threshold AT EACH MEAL. In practical terms this means to consume ~30–40g quality PRO/meal . Also 3-4 meals has shown to result in higher satiety ratings over higher & lower feeding frequencies thus another benefit of the 3-4meal rule

So, 30-40g, 3-4x/dy seems best to wanting OPTIMISE gains however, before stressing out, the most important thing is to eat 1.2-2g/kg TOTAL