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What other hacks do you do?
To lose fat you need to create a CALORIE DEFICIT . This can be achieved via increasing energy expenditure, decreasing kcal intake or a mix of both. However under periods of kcal restriction, several physiological “challenges” present themselves, one of which is HUNGER , often referred to as “homeostatic hunger’ mostly driven by decreases in leptin (satiety hormone) & increases in ghrelin (hunger hormone) which together, both act to promote food consumption in order to regain homeostasis (maintain your weight). In Layman’s terms, dieting sucks, you get hungry & can’t eat but here’s a few tricks that you can use to fight that hunger & pursue sustaining a deficit

Caffeine has shown to have acute effects on decreasing kcal intake . Furthermore, it has shown to increase alertness/energy thus potentially resulting you in moving more & burning extra kcals via NEAT which can contribute up to 50% of TDEE

Protein is the most satiating & thermogenic macro thus drinks/foods high in it can help keep you full, decrease appetite & burn more via digestion

Chewing sugar free gum has shown to sig. suppress hunger, appetite & cravings for snacks + promoting fullness

When used in moderation (unlike the vid lol) low kcal/kcal free foods/sodas have shown to be perfectly safe regardless of the added sweetener content & actually help reduce kcal intake when used instead of more kcal dense options thus making them better choices for weight loss & prevention of weight gain. Also, having adequate water intake has shown to positively influence weight loss by reducing kcal intakes

Or just do more cardio.