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Protein(PRO): PRO is the most satiating macro followed by carbs & fat meaning that it will help keep you full & decrease appetite thus allowing you to create a kcaal deficit “easier”. Also, as the most thermogenic macro, a large proportion of the kcals from PRO are burned off via digestion . Finally, higher PRO intakes repeatedly outperform low/moderate ones for preserving LBM & reducing fat under periods of kcal restriction thus increasing PRO intake is highly advised.

Volume(VOL): A large part of feeling full is related to gastric distension taking place ie. the amount your stomach is filled/pushed out. Thus foods high in VOL with minimal kcals can aid in stretching your stomach & signalling the mechanoreceptor neurons in the stomach to tell your brain that you are full & thus stimulating the termination of a meal . Studies even show that those who opt for high VOL, low energy density foods will sig. decrease hunger & desire to eat vs those who don’t.

Low kcal foods: Self-explanatory. As fat loss requires a kcal deficit , foods with the lowest kcals can help you create said deficit duh

Extras: For those on poverty macros, diet sodas etc. can also be of use to aid reducing kcal intake if used instead of more kcal dense options along with “curbing” your appetite . Also for something that has 0kcals caffeine can help as it has shown to have a slight acute appetite suppressing effect (however avoid overconsuming it as you may build up a tolerance