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Now let me ramble some more. It’s times like these that have really separated individuals, especially within the fitness industry into those who do this out of pure passion & enjoyment & those who don’t. As corny as it sounds, motivation is what get’s you started but discipline & the enjoyment of the process is what will keep you going though the hardest times. I have seen so many people completely bonk on their good habits & fitness life just because things now are let’s just say “not ideal”. It’s almost like they NEEDED ideal situations for them to stay on track whereas now, when everything is gone, they give in. DON’T be the person please. Things are tough, very tough at the moment however, all we can do is take each day as it comes & quite frankly, sitting in bed, sleeping all day, doing no exercise & eating your way to becoming more anxious & depressed is not going to be the way forward, especially when we get through this & you realise the “damage” that it has done. Instead, use the time to embrace something DIFFERENT. I for one have struggled immensely with being shifted out of routine but am actually enjoying the challenge of making things work. Getting up every day with the same drive to make it a busy & productive one. MOVE more, work more, learn more, read more, talk more, listen more. Use the extra time you have now to focus on improving aspects of your life that you know are poor & will benefit you when we all get back to normal. Get into a better sleeping routine, learn some new recipes, hit your steps better, meal prep, start a new business. Whatever it is, corona is not an excuse to let YOURSELF unravel. Now, I sincerely apologise for the ramble & sheer lack of value &/or scientific references in this caption however I just thought I’d speak what’s on my mind today & hopefully inspire at least one person who may really me struggling right now to get back into the grove ????????