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Many can be the reasons, but to make it simple, it all comes down to energy expenditure. ⁣

When you want to lose body fat, you want to do so by 'eating as much as possible' and still lose bodyfat. ⁣

This means having the right ratio of energy expenditure : energy intake, in order to sustain the diet for longer.⁣

Going out with friends, shopping, or any extra activity you can think of you're NOT doing now - all contribute to increasing and maintaining your *normal* metabolism.⁣

Infact, NEAT (Non Exercising Activity Thermogenesis) is most likely the biggest variable that determines our TDEE. ⁣

If you're in Italy (like me), asides from training, you're also doing much less other activities, which all contribute to an overall energy expenditure. ⁣

This decreases the energy expenditure variable, making this period not optimal for you to diet. ⁣

Can it be done? ⁣

Sure. A caloric deficit will work regardless. ⁣

Should you be doing it ? It depends. I'll give you my own advice based on my experience and knowledge. ⁣

Personally I don't think it's the right time to diet because of 6 reasons. If you're spending more time at home:⁣

1) your energy level is low.⁣

2) this means you need less calories to sustain your current bodyweight. ⁣

3) staying more at home can lead to eating more food out of boredom. ⁣

4) dieting would probably result in very little calories eaten everyday, which could lead you to think of your next meal for most of the day⁣

5) Not to mention that if you don't have access to a gym, it would be much easier for you to lose muscle mass too, decreasing your overall TDEE and overall size.⁣

I would personally advise to spend this time at maintenance, probably gain a tiny bit of body fat, preserve more muscle mass and train with what you can. ⁣

What are your thoughts on the matter? ⁣