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Your home workouts aren’t hard enough?
Let’s talk about the training principle that’s a MUST if you want to get leaner, stronger, and see results from your workouts.

Introducing: Progressive overload.

Plain and simple, progressive overload is the KEY to improving your body composition & changing the way you look…and this applies to both your workouts in the gym and at home.

So what is it exactly? ????

Progressive overload means that for a muscle to grow or get stronger, the body must be forced to adapt to a level that is above what it has previously experienced.

Remember, your body is made for survival, not getting toned or looking good in a swimsuit.

It just wants to keep you alive. ????

In order to create the changes we want to see, you must give your body a reason to do so. You have to introduce the stimulus of overload (progressively; over time), where your body has no choice but to adapt to that stimulus.

You may be wondering…

“But how can I do this at home without weights & machines?”

Luckily, there are many ways to accomplish this, you can also:

1.Add reps
2.Add supersets
3.Add resistance
4.Increase time under tension
5.Improve form
6.Decrease rest times

These are all different ways to add progressive overload to your at home workouts & push yourself a little bit harder.

If you are consistently improving upon the variables above, your body will have no choice but to adapt, build muscle, and get stronger!