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Avodart is used in steroid cycles to prevent acne and hair loss, by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.
Active substance: dutasteride
Trade names: Avodart, Avolve, Zyfetor, Duagen, Duprost
Dutasteride is a 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitor. Reductase inhibitors are designed to prevent the conversion of testosterone into the more androgenic counterpart, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is involved in a number of conditions in men, including baldness or prostate size. Dutasteride is prescribed especially for the treatment of prostate enlargement. Although it is similar in structure and action with finasteride, it differs from this by the selection of tissues in which it exerts its action. Finasteride inhibits the 5-alpha reductase type 2 enzyme, which is mainly found in the scalp and prostate. Dutasteride acts on type 2 and type 1 enzyme 5-alpha reductase, so it inhibits the conversion to DHT in both the scalp and prostate, as well as in the liver and skin.
The properties of this drug make it of interest to bodybuilders and other people, especially those who are afraid of the androgenic effects of testosterone-based steroids. Avodart significantly reduces side effects due to conversion to DHT. When using moderate doses of testosterone, it can greatly reduce the appearance of oily skin and acne. Also, for those prone to baldness, Avodart can improve things. It should be noted that finasteride (Proscar) can be used to prevent baldness, but it does not prevent acne and oily skin.
In a 2004 study comparing finasteride with dutasteride, it was found that dutasteride is much more efficient, the action being stronger in any tissue.
Although there are benefits to reducing DHT, there are drawbacks. First, a strong androgen such as DHT, aids in neuromuscular interaction, giving strength and muscle mass gains. Many who use drugs such as Proscar or Avodart report a decrease in strength immediately after starting treatment. And the libido can decrease, due to low DHT levels. A small percentage of men feel the need to have Viagra handy, because Avodart leaves them almost helpless during their use. DHT is an anti-estrogen, so reducing it may increase the risk of gynecomastia and other estrogenic side effects. Gynecomastia is among the risks and in the prospectus of the drug, although it happens only to 1.1% of users.
Avodart is found in soft capsules, and contains 0.5 mg of the active substance. For athletes who want to reduce the androgenic side effects of steroids, the dose is one capsule (0.5 mg) once every two days. It is given throughout the use of steroids.

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