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Buy SP Methandriol online

SP Methandriol

1 vial (75mg/ml 10 ml)


Buy Methandriol injection online 10 ml Dianabol injectable Sp Laboratory.

Active substance: metilandrostenediol
Trade names: Methyldiol Aqueous, Metylandrostendiol, Novandrol, Andris, Crestabolic, Hybolin, Protabol
Metandriol can be found in two distinct forms. Non-esterified metilandrostenediol, being an oral form and esterified dipropionate metilandrostenediol, being an injectable form. Injectable propionated esters make it more active in the body for a few days. Metandriol was produced in the early 1980s and has enjoyed great popularity among bodybuilders. But it did not last long, being released after many years in the market. Nowadays it is quite hard to find on the black market, being used almost exclusively as a veterinary product in Australia.
Metandriol is a powerful anabolic steroid. It also has a certain level of estrogenic activity, which is why side effects such as water retention or fat accumulation may occur, but are closely related to the dose used.
This steroid is indicated for the accumulation of mass and strength. The recommended dose is 25-50 mg per day for oral form and 200-400 mg per week for injectable form. In order to keep the testosterone level in the blood constant, the injectable form is best to be administered every 3-4 days.
Mentandriol is powerful enough to be used alone, but is usually combined with other steroids to achieve stronger effects. A cycle of Metandriol and Deca-durabolin or Equipoise can bring huge gains in muscle mass without too much water retention or fat accumulation. But as there is a risk of aromatization, it is recommended, especially for the most sensitive, to add an anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex or Proviron. When tracking as much mass as possible, more androgenic steroids such as Dianabol, Anapolone or testosterone can be added. In this case, the estrogenic side effects will be stronger. The water retention will be higher and the use of a stronger antiestrogen such as Arimidex is indicated.

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