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Testoxyl Enanthate 250

1 vial (250mg/ml 10 ml)
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Testoxyl Enanthate 250  with its active substance Testosterone Enanthate represents and injectable steroids, considered  the king of mass and strength.

Testoxyl Enanthate 250 is a long acting ester and it is injected once or twice per week at 250-500mg/week. It builds muscles and promote protein synthesis. For mass building it is recommended to stack it with Dianoxyl 10 and if more quality  is desired then it should be stacked with Primoxyl or Boldaxyl 300.

The most common side effects when using Testoxyl Enanthate 250 are: acne; bitter or strange taste in mouth; change in sex drive; fatigue; gum or mouth irritation; gum pain; gum tenderness or swelling; hair loss; headache.

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