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Buy SP Supertest online

SP Supertest

1 vial (450mg/ml 10 ml)


Buy online SuperTest 450 Testosterone Mix 1 vial 10ml Sp Laboratory.

SuperTest-450 Sp Laboratories..

A perfect combination of 5 testosterones these different testosterones:

Testosterone Cypionate-125mg

Testosterone Acetate-32mg

Testosterone Propionate-73mg

Testosterone Decanoate-147mg

Testosterone Phenylpropionate-73mg.

Different esters cause a constant release of testosterone for one month.

Testosterone is the main male hormone in the body,possibly the MOST POWERFUL muscle generator that has been created in the world. This becomes its most androgenic form.DHT is qualified, which gives these EXTREME anabolic properties.On the one hand,estrogens increase the production of growth hormone,give greater immunity and increase androgen receptors,while on the other hand,the combination of testosterone/DHT is extremely potent when activating androgen receptors.

What makes you get higher profits in FORCE AND POWER.The dose testosterone use can be 325mg per week to 1000mg per week.It has been seen that in its use, the best results are only seen during the first 5 weeks.The different esters ensure that there is less water retention with this testosterone due to its nature, aromatizes and it would be prudent to use Proviron or Tamoxifen during use.

Profits that exceed more that 1kg per week with its unique use are generally very common.Testosterone generally to pbtain size gains is usually combined with DECA,BOLDENONE,OXYMETALONE,DIANABOL.There are no steroids in the world that increase muscle mass as testosterone does.Anyone would be that what they are looking for is to completely transform their physical appearance into a robust and strong body,would be testosterone since it is responsible for making MEN.

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